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Karl Strauss Brewing Company - Karl Strauss Amber Lager

Karl Strauss Brewing Company - Karl Strauss Amber Lager

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Karl Strauss Brewing Company - Karl Strauss Amber Lager

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    40-45° F
Currently the brewery’s only bottled product, Karl Strauss Amber Lager is brewed with a combination of two row pale, Munich, Dextrin, and Caramel malts. Karl adds both Clusters and Cascade hops in equal proportions during the boil primarily for their bittering contributions. A proprietary yeast strain is used. Look for a sweet, caramel maltiness up front with some hop spiciness evident in the nose. Note good head retention in this medium-bodied, clear, copper-to-amber colored beer. Karl Strauss Amber Lager starts off with a sweet, caramel flavor as its nose indicates. The sweetness carries into the middle, however this beer ends with a mild bitter/dry finish. Overall, one of the better American interpretations of an amber lager we’ve tried.
Karl Strauss’ Old Columbia Brewery & Grill opened its doors to the public on February 2, 1989. At the time it opened, it was the first new brewery of any kind to open in the city of San Diego in more than fifty years. Karl Strauss Amber Lager was the first beer brewed at Old Columbia, and on opening day it was served along with Gaslamp Gold Ale and Downtown After Dark Brown Ale as the first 3 beers on tap. In 1991, the brewery expanded by building a second brewery to produce and distribute their Amber Lager.

Founder Karl Strauss is one of the world’s most recognized master brewers and was the first and only person to ever receive the Master Brewers Association of the Americas’ Award of Honor and Merit, considered to be the highest of honors in the American Brewing Industry. More than 65 years of brewing expertise are reflected in the superb quality of the brewery’s product line which is comprised of over 35 different recipes which are brewed and served from the three San Diego breweries and brewpubs.

For more information about the brewery and scheduled tours, call (619) 234-BREW or check out their web site at www.karlstrauss.com.
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