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Kessler Brewing Company - Kessler Ale #7

Kessler Brewing Company - Kessler Ale #7

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Kessler Brewing Company - Kessler Ale #7

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    45-50° F
The seventh attempt at this recipe was deemed the best and hence the name of this unusual ale. Ale #7 is brewed with a combination of two row Pale, Crystal, Munich, and Wheat malts. Both Cascade and Tettnanger hops are added up front during the 90-min. boil for bittering while Tettnanger are added in a second addition for their aromatic characteristics. A proprietary ale yeast strain is used that gives this ale its unusually creamy-sweet flavor profile.
Immediately note a creamy rich, fruity and floral perfumey hop bouquet in the nose of this copper, filtered, medium-bodied ale. Ale # 7 starts sweet with some caramel malts and toasted malt flavor coming through. Floral hops are also very evident with just enough hop bitterness to balance. Look for a somewhat dry finish. Overall, this is an unusually creamy, sweet flavorful ale, perhaps more British in style than anything. We liked it so much, we'd recommend making love to it!
In 1865 Nicolas Kessler brewed the first of many barrels of beer consumed by Montana’s local miners, ranchers and loggers. As the brewery grew and became recognized for offering a consistently high-quality product line, the demand for bottled products became so strong that Nicolas could no longer ignore it. In response the brewery installed the first of its kind pipeline between the brewery and the bottling plant. Soon thereafter, the brewery nearly closed after a series of earthquakes recorded in 1935 and 36 hit the area, but managed to stay open after making extensive repairs in subzero weather with the assistance of locomotive steam power. The brewery did in fact close during prohibition, reopened and then closed again in 1958 only to be resurrected once more in 1984. The brewery now produces 8 award-winning beers that have received nine medals at the Great American Beer Festival over the years.

For more information about the brewery and scheduled tours, call (406) 449-6214
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