König Brauerei - König Pilsener

König Brauerei - König Pilsener

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German Pilsner



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König Brauerei - König Pilsener

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  • Serving Temperature:

    40-45° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Pilsner Glass

König Pilsener is a truly authentic German Pilsener that was first sold by that name in 1911, and is brewed with careful attention to traditional methods, but expert quality control through the use of modern day technology. For over a century, beer lovers worldwide have been enjoying this approachable, easy-drinking brew. We’re proud to bring you this world class example of the style. Expect a pale straw color topped by a brilliant white frothy head. Look for a crisp, clean, classic pilsner aroma showcasing notes of grassy, lemony hops, fresh-brewed grains, a slight kiss of honey, and a very subtle yeasty mustiness in the background, characteristic of Bavarian-style pilsners. The beer presents a solid bitterness on the palate that is assertive but never sharp, with a lightly floral hop kick and, like the aroma, a finishing note of honey. Ends clean with a refined hoppy finish that our beer panel found floral and lingeringly bitter. One of the easiest beers to pair with food, pilsners go with just about anything you can throw at them. We enjoyed it with grilled halibut served in a creamy dill sauce. Prosit!

Some would claim that the Germans, particularly Bavarians, have the best beer, the best brewing culture, the best beer fans and the best customs for enjoying beer (you may have never been to Germany, but you've certainly heard of Oktoberfest). And the folks most likely to make such claims would be the Germans themselves. But fear not, all this "best of the best" superiority talk is not a threat of World War III, it's simply a pride that the Germans have earned over at least a millennium of brewing.

Located in Duisburg, Germany's 11th largest city and home to Europe's largest inland port, the König Brauerei was founded in 1858 near the confluence of the great Rhine and Ruhr waterways by Theodor König. A savvy businessman, he realized the potential for a regional brewery and the relative ease of exportation via port waterways. Today the brewery is best known for their Pilsener beer, a style which Theodor König intended to specialize in, but at the time the brewery was founded in 1858, this was a risky move. Pilsener was still an emerging, relatively complex style to brew. His instincts soon paid off when pilsener (also spelled ‘pilsner’) became the world's most popular beer style.

So, at the confluence of the Rhine and Ruhr waterways was the fortunate convergence of business savvy and luck which eventually led to Germany's "King of Beers" (note the text "Das König der Biere" on the label). Now, on to the drinKing! All hail the King! If you'd like more information about the König Brauerei, check out their website (in German only) www.koenig.de.

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