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Lakefront Brewing Company - Cream City Pale Ale

Lakefront Brewing Company - Cream City Pale Ale

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Lakefront Brewing Company - Cream City Pale Ale

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    42-47° F
This top fermenting, medium-bodied, amber-colored ale is brewed using generous amounts of malt and kettle hops. The trademark of this ale is its beautiful hop and yeast bouquet and taste that comes from a liberal dry hopping of the highest grade Cascade hops during the secondary fermentation. The malt firmness of this ale comes from the perfect mixture of two-row malted barley, carapils, and caramel specialty malts. You will notice a mildly spicy palate with a smokiness to it. This beer finishes with a long, lingering hop bitterness. The Beverage Testing Institute recently awarded this beer a Gold Medal.
Like many successful homebrewers, brothers Russ and Jim Klisch were getting tired of being told that their beers were so good that they should open a brewery. Jim was happy as a detective for the Milwaukee police department and Russ was doing well as an engineer at Johnson Controls.

But being in Milwaukee, arguably the beer capital of the country at the time, offered more of a temptation than they could bear. So, in 1987, with only sixty barrels of production sold exclusively to taverns within rolling distance of the brewery, they quit their day jobs and jumped into the beer industry.

So named because it sits along the Milwaukee River near downtown Milwaukee, Lakefront Brewery is a small, locally owned microbrewery specializing in handmade beers in the tradition of early Milwaukee brewers.

Fourteen years after opening, Lakefront Brewery continues to be a Mecca for the most sought after award-winning suds: Riverwest Stein, Eastside Dark, Klisch Pilsner, Cream City Pale Ale, Organic Extra Special Bitters, Fuel Coffee Stout, and seasonal beers such as Pumpkin Beer, Holiday Spice, Bock, Beer Line Barley Wine, and Cherry Beer. In addition is the delicious and surprising non-alcoholic "Golden Maple Root Beer", refreshing tribute to Wisconsin's finest golden sugar maples.

For more information about the brewery and scheduled tours, call (414) 273-8300 or check out their web site at www.lakefrontbrewery.com.
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