Lang Creek Brewery - Huckle-berry N' Honey

Lang Creek Brewery - Huckle-berry N' Honey

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Alcohol by Volume:


Lang Creek Brewery - Huckle-berry N' Honey

  • ABV:

  • Int’l Bittering Units (IBUs):

  • Serving Temperature:

    55° F
  • Malts:

    2-row Pale; Wheat (malted)
  • Hops:

    Perle, Mt. Hood
A departure from their typical naming scheme, this beer is not only unlike the other Lang Creek brews, it is probably unlike most beers you’ve ever tried. An unconventional use of Montana’s trademark berry yields huckle-berry notes abounding in the aroma. Expect the same in the flavor with a mingling of sweet honey and just a touch of hop bite to balance the sweetness. Note how the hop bit-terness has a different character than the more prominent fruit-like bitterness that pre-dominates the finish. Some on our panel said this beer reminded them of champagne in terms of body while others reported that the bitterness that comes through in the finish was reminiscent of a tart Belgian lambic. All in all, this is another summer treat that is likely to go down best with grilled fare, especially flame-grilled citrus chicken, or perhaps a Chinese mandarin salad.
The Lang Creek Brewery, located in Marion, Montana, has earned the distinction of being called “America’s most remote brewery,” according to New Brewer Magazine. For those of you with access to a plane, or perhaps those who are reading this mid-flight with enough pull to persuade your pilot to make a beer run pit stop might want to know the following info: Lang Creek Brewery is perhaps the only brewery with an airstrip located on site. The strip can be found on the Great Falls sectional under "Campbell Ranch" at approximately 48 N by 115 W. The strip conveniently lands you right next to the source of some of the best microbrewed beer in America. So, get your planes fueled up and out on the tarmac and fly on over there. Disclaimer: The Beer of the Month Club DOES NOT advocate drinking and flying. Please land at the Lang Creek Brewery airstrip before you start drinking and throw back a few with the plane safely parked near the grain silos. And be smart, have a designated flyer. Lang Ales are produced primarily with English style malts produced in the USA. Brewmaster and owner John Campbell has chosen these malts for the unique flavor characteristics that only English style malts can provide. Hops are another important flavor contributor, and you may notice that they are not stingy with their use of hops. Hop-lover Campbell is exceptionally passionate about two things in life: beer and aviation (though, not in conjunction mind you–our lawyers have advised us to direct your attention once again to the disclaimer above). As Campbell puts it himself, “I am a beer lover first, brewer second–it is my dream to produce world class beers for everybody to enjoy!” Another great quote from Campbell sums up the union of his two passions: “If I was a hog farmer, I might name my favorite ale “Old Swine Swill” or something like that. But I'm not a hog farmer. I’m a pilot… aviation is my passion. Therefore, I have chosen aviation as a theme for the names of our ales. The Ford Tri-Motor, pictured in our logo, was a principle workhorse of early Montana aviation. With this in mind, I dedicate Lang Ale names to the pilots and airplanes of Montana aviation. Besides, what better theme for a beer brewed in a converted aircraft hangar?” John is a big fan of Euro-pean style beer, with a particular penchant for traditional British Ales. Therefore, look for the English influence in most of the styles produced by Lang Creek Brewery today and enjoy Old World style beer with a modern American twist. For more information about the brewery– and permission to land, call 406-858-2200
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