Left Hand Brewing Company - Sawtooth ESB

Left Hand Brewing Company - Sawtooth ESB

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United States

Alcohol by Volume:


Left Hand Brewing Company - Sawtooth ESB

  • ABV:

  • Int’l Bittering Units (IBUs):

  • Serving Temperature:

    42-50° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Pint Glass
  • Malts:

    Premium Pale 2-Row, Crystal, Munich & Left Hand Custom Malt
  • Hops:

    Magnum, U.S. Goldings, Fuggles, Cascade
Left Hand B.C.'s flagship beer presents notes of caramel, just-baked bread and citrusy hops on the nose. As it warms, expect additional fruity notes to evolve. The flavor opens with caramel flavors and the subtlest bit of chocolate, followed by the herbal earthiness of hops. Look for a blend of slightly spicy hops and grapefruit notes. This very well-balanced beer finishes with an appropriately firm bitterness and is a great domestic interpretation of the ESB (Extra Special Bitter) style, with a distinctly American stamp (higher aromatics from the hops than most traditional UK offerings). A great brew to pair with fish and chips, mild English cheeses like Lancashire, or grilled chicken, sweetly glazed.
It all started with a small homebrewers kit in 1990… Christmas of 1990 Dick Doore, co-founder of Left Hand Brewing Company, received the kit as a gift from his brother. Little did either realize the full impact that single Christmas gift would have. After homebrewing for over two years, Dick moved to Colorado, where he met up with a former college buddy and soon-to-be Left Hand B.C. cofounder, Eric Wallace. The two quickly got to brewing together, and their batches impressed their friends and neighbors. After many batches of homebrew, the epiphany hit that they should start their own brewery. Within weeks of making the decision, they incorporated as Indian Peaks Brewing Company, honoring the Indian Peaks wilderness in their area. However, it was soon discovered that another brewery was using this name for one of their beers, so, indirectly keeping the Indian theme, they changed their name to Left Hand in honor of Chief Niwot, whose tribe wintered in the local area (Niwot is Arapahoe for left hand). Months after setting up shop in a former meat packing plant near downtown Longmont, they opened their doors to the public on January 22, 1994, releasing their first batch of beer, Sawtooth Ale. That year, the homebrewers-turned-pro took home the Gold Medal in the Traditional Bitter Category at the Great American Beer Festival. Way to kick things off big! For more information, check out their web site at www.lefthandbrewing.com or give them a ring at 303-772-0258.
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