Northampton Brewing Company - Northhampton Pale Ale

Northampton Brewing Company - Northhampton Pale Ale

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Northampton Brewing Company - Northhampton Pale Ale

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    42-47° F
Northampton Pale Ale is an American interpretation of a traditional British style. Brewed with a combination of two-row pale and 6-row caramel malts, this delicious copper colored ale is nicely balanced and medium bodied. Chris hops it up with both Cascade for aroma and Willamette for bittering. You should be able to pick up the pleasant floral hoppiness in the nose as well as some sweet caramel malt characteristics. We found it to be very clean, drinkable, and flavorful. The flavor is also hop dominated, however, it seems to be the bittering hops that take over here. Look for a very dry, bitter hop finish leaving you with the desire to take another drink. Overall, a great summer beer with a wonderful hop profile.
A true pioneer to the brewing industry, The Northampton Brewery brewed its first batch 1987 when there were fewer than twenty brewpubs in the entire country. The brewery and the industry have both evolved just a bit since then, the U.S. currently touting more than 1,000 brewpubs and breweries. The brewery’s history began to unfold when owner Janet Egelston first tried one of her brother’s homebrews around the kitchen table back in 1986. Upon sampling quite a few more of her brother’s masterpieces, Janet concluded that the east coast, specifically Massachusetts, needed a microbrewery. At the time, the few American micros operating were largely located on the west coast. After just a few more beers, she concluded that she would be the one to take on the task at hand!

She chose Northampton, Massachusetts, and by the following summer, the Brewery opened its doors. In thirteen years of business, the Brewery has grown and expanded considerably. Although the brewery was originally set up to produce only three beers (Golden Lager, Amber Lager and a seasonal ale), these days brewer Chris O’Connor typically offers up to twelve different beers at any given time. In 1988, a tiny beer garden was built in an unused parking lot next to the building. Since that time, it’s undergone several expansions and today is a beautiful rooftop patio that seats over two hundred. In 1995, the Brewery started selling its best-known beer, Northampton Pale Ale, to local stores in half-gallon “growler” jugs. Now it is available in six-packs and is sold throughout western Massachusetts.
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