Nor'Wester Brewing Company - Oregon Pale Ale

Nor'Wester Brewing Company - Oregon Pale Ale

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Nor'Wester Brewing Company - Oregon Pale Ale

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    45-50° F
discover our four clubs Oregon Pale Ale is brewed with a combination of imported and domestic two row pale, vienna, carastan, and crystal malts. Tony hops it up just a bit more than your traditional American Pale ale with Chinook, Goldings, and Centennial hops. We found the nose on the spicy hop side with a hint of maltiness. Look for a pleasant roasted malt profile in the flavor of this medium-bodied ale. Note a crisp floral hop finish. The decoction mashing used, whereby some of the mash is removed, heated to a boil, then returned to the mash tun, helps this beer achieve the qualities of many English ales. Overall, a nicely balanced, full flavored Pale Ale.
Nor'Wester not only makes great beer…they're helping to keep Oregon clean as well! The Brewery has made a bold promise to keep Oregon one of the most livable states in the country by teaming up with Stop Oregon Litter and Vandalism (SOLV). The Oregon Promise Series is a new line of beers from Nor'Wester dedicated to preserving Oregon's beauty. Nor'Wester is donating $1 to SOLV for every case sold in Oregon. This collaborative effort between Nor'Wester and SOLV is the first of its kind in the craft brew industry. Brewery President Steve Goebel says, "When companies say that a 'portion' of their proceeds or profits will be given, it could mean anything in terms of real dollars...everyone understands our promise to give one dollar per case. Additionally, our efforts will not be limited to cash donations. We intend to get down in the trenches with SOLV to fulfill the Oregon Promise. We invite other Oregon companies to join us in protecting our environment."

The Oregon Promise Series features the art of renowned Oregon photographer Ray Atkeson. The late Atkeson was the former Photographer Laureate of Oregon and is famous throughout the world for his photographs of the state. Atkeson's photography will grace the labels of Nor'Wester ales while the photography of Atkeson's stepson, Rick Schafer will be featured on Nor'Wester's seasonal ales and lagers. Vice President of the brewery, Liz Goebel commented, "In this way we capture the transition of one generation of great Oregon artistry to another and show that we can all play our part in providing the next generation with a clean and livable environment."

The initial release includes the introduction of Oregon Pale Ale which we're featuring this month. "We are excited about having designed a pale ale for Oregonians. The Oregon craft drinker is unique. It's a malty beer with an aggressive hop profile. It's also a little darker than a traditional American pale ale, according to Brewmaster Tony Gomes. He adds, "We use a unique combination of malt and hops and brew with a decoction method that is exclusive to our brewery in the Northwest."

For more information about the brewery and scheduled tours, call (503) 382-4153 or check out their web site at
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