Pavichevich Brewing Company - Baderbrau Bock

Pavichevich Brewing Company - Baderbrau Bock

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Pavichevich Brewing Company - Baderbrau Bock

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    50-55° F
Bock beer was traditionally prepared in the winter for use in the spring and intended to provide nutrition during the fasts of lent so that eventually Bock beer day came to herald the arrival of spring. Not so according to Pavichevich. "That's just an old wives' tale. Actually, the best grains for making beer come in the fall and the finest brewers produce the richest beers under the sign of the ram (March) that aren't to be consumed until the sign of the goat (December)." Baderbrau Bock is brewed with four types of malts, 2- and 6-row pale malts, caramel, and Chocolate malts. It is also hopped with 95% Saaz hops, however the remaining 5% is comprised of only two German hop varieties.
This extraordinary Bock has a rich, malty nose with a strong roasted character and dark brown color. The rich and flavorful malty-sweet body is balanced by a chocolately, roasted finish. Baderbrau Bock is hopped slightly less than a traditional German Bock-style beer. Overall, a clean and very flavorful beer.
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