Pavichevich Brewing Company - Baderbrau Pilsener

Pavichevich Brewing Company - Baderbrau Pilsener

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Pavichevich Brewing Company - Baderbrau Pilsener

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    45-50° F
Baderbrau Pilsener has been awarded Gold Medals in various judged events including the Great American Beer Festival for 5 consecutive years now beginning in 1990. Michael Jackson, who has the enviable distinction as the world's foremost authority on beer, commented Baderbrau's Pilsener to be the finest brewed in America. (The Brewing industry refers to him as THE Michael Jackson!). Baderbrau is also the first non-German beer to be served at official functions of the German consul general. It is brewed with two-and three-row pale malts in addition to caramelized malts with give it its deep golden color. Baderbrau is hopped with 95% Czechoslovakian Saaz hops and the remaining 5%, a combination of 3 German hop varieties.

Brewer Note: Both Baderbrau beers should be poured vigorously down the center of the glass, thus creating a creamy head and an exceptionally smooth taste.
The Pavichevich Brewing Company, which began producing Baderbrau Pilsener in Elmherst, Illinois in 1989, was founded by ex-Chicago Cop, Ken Pavichevich with the intent of producing world class beers that could effectively compare to those produced in Europe. After sampling Ken's Bock and Pilsener, we feel that he is well on his way to accomplishing his goal. The Baderbrau products are two out of only a handful of beers in the world that use such a high percentage of Czechoslovakian Saaz hops (95%), the most aromatic in the world.

Aside from the obvious delightful taste, Ken informed us of several additional benefits derived from consuming his products. "Triathletes train with Baderbrau as it is high in potassium, B-12, B-6 and replaces complex carbohydrates and electrolytes. A number of doctors specifically recommend one bottle of Baderbrau beer, daily, for nutritional value (Forbes, 9/92). And, you cannot receive a headache or hangover from Baderbrau products because they are not brewed with corn, corn syrup and/or rice which produce more fusel oils and higher alcohol's which promote headaches and hangovers."
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