Pinehurst Village Brewing Company - Double Eagle Brown Ale

Pinehurst Village Brewing Company - Double Eagle Brown Ale

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Pinehurst Village Brewing Company - Double Eagle Brown Ale

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    45-50° F
Double Eagle Brown Ale is brewed with a combination of Two Row Pale, Carastan, Carapils and Black malts, as well as a touch of malted wheat. The blend yields a wort (the sweet liquid containing the converted sugars from the malted barley and other grains) that is soft and malty, medium-bodied and deep amber in color. Double Eagle is hopped with Cluster, Willamette and Tettnanger hops. Look for a well-balanced malty hop nose and a pronounced malty sweet flavor that ends slightly dry and roasted. Overall, a wonderful brown ale. Very full and flavorful. Carbonated just enough to let you truly enjoy its great taste.
"Our Double Eagle Ales may not improve your game, but you will feel better about your score."

In 1693, just 60 miles from St. Andrews, the oldest golf course in the world, the art of craft brewing was being perfected in Aberdeen, Scotland. Today in Aberdeen, North Carolina, nestled between the two lovely golf towns of Pinehurst and Southern Pines, the Pinehurst Village Brewery seeks to recapture the tradition and character of those handcrafted ales. The brewery's Scottish brewmaster has crafted some exceptional ales. The 100-year-old yeast strain and clean well water of the Sandhills surrounding Pinehurst Village give Double Eagle Ales their unique character and bold flavors.

Double Eagle Brown Ale is designed with balance and durability in mind. The level of carbonation is moderate, allowing the beer's depth to come forward. When served at the right temperature, hints of apple, black currant and pineapple emerge. It should be served with a head, in a traditional pint sleeve. This ale complements hard and blue cheeses, sausages and smoked foods, beef, pork and shellfish. It's not pasteurized, all natural, free of preservatives, and damn tasty. We know you're gonna dig it.
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