Pony Express Brewing Company - Pony Express Honey Blond Ale

Pony Express Brewing Company - Pony Express Honey Blond Ale

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Pony Express Brewing Company - Pony Express Honey Blond Ale

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    42-47° F
Pony Express Honey Blond Ale is brewed with a combination of two-row Pale, Vienna, & Caramel malts as well as malted wheat. Stacey hops it with Cascade up front for aroma and Hallertau towards the end of the boil for a slight balancing hop bitterness. If your nose is trained, you should pick up a hint of fresh coriander and honey with underlying citrus notes in the nose of this golden filtered ale. The body is medium and very well balanced. You'll taste the pale malt, some hop spiciness and perhaps a hint of orange peel. Look for a clean, crisp finish in this refreshing summer session beer. It would pair up nicely with just about any meal and just like a fine Chardonnay, it flourishes well on its own.
When you think Kansas, you tend to think about K.U. Basketball or maybe Dorothy and her cute little Dog too! You think about driving in a straight line for 8 hours with not much else to contemplate other than whether you're looking at corn or soybeans. Some people think about Bobby Dole and if he really has erectile dysfunction or did go so deep into dept during his run at the presidency that he'll promote whatever's paying best this week!

Whatever you currently think of, we're pretty confident that you'll be adding the Pony Express Brewing Company to the list after sampling this month's featured beers. Founded by Joe Effertz, Jr., the brewery opened for operation in May of 1995 in Olathe, Kansas. Originally a farmer with a degree in agriculture from the University of Missouri, Effertz decided that he had had enough of working on the company farm and wanted to try something new. After opening a retail liquor store, Effertz noticed a rise in popularity of micro-brewed beers. He studied craft brewing techniques and, staying within the spirit of the ingenious farmer, came up with a plan to launch his own microbrewery. He still uses the wheat grown on his family's farm in his beers and sells the by-product grains to cattle farmers to use as feed.

In 1994, Joe met Ed Nelson and the two joined forces to open up two restaurants and a brewery in the Overland Park area of Kansas. They purchased the Olathe building for the brewery and began working on what would become the highly successful Pony Express brand. Joe got the name for the brewery when he was on his way to the hospital in the back of an ambulance and someone said, "Drive fast like the Pony Express." He now adorns the walls of the brewery with photos of old Pony Express riders whom he sees as risk-takers. The packaging features a horse and rider - always in the same position, with a different scene behind them, which changes to portray all the different weather conditions and environments that the original riders rode through to deliver the mail.

The brewery started off with draft accounts, but within six months they realized that they were going to have to get into packaging the beer. Looking around North America for brewing equipment, Joe and Ed couldn't find anything they thought was quality equipment. They then decided to utilize their connections in Germany and made two trips there - the first time just to scout out equipment and to put down deposits, and the second time they came back with, literally, a suitcase full of tools and the equivalent of four truckloads full of equipment.

Once the equipment was purchased, it was time to find a brewmaster. After searching, the boys hired brewmaster Stacey Payne, a U.C. Davis alumnus that graduated at the top of his class. Payne had a lot of brewing experience from working at the Boulevard Brewing Company and was a perfect fit for the brewery. Together the team developed a wide variety of beers that reflect the spirit of the American farmlands.

For more information about the brewery and scheduled tours, call (913) 782-6699 or check out their web site at www.Ponyex.com.
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