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Rainbow Ridge Brewing Company - White Ridge Wehat

Rainbow Ridge Brewing Company - White Ridge Wehat

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United States

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Rainbow Ridge Brewing Company - White Ridge Wehat

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    35-40° F
White Ridge Wheat is an American Wheat style beer with a combination of two row pale malts and malted wheat. Yakima Clusters are used in two additions during the 60 minute boil to add to White Ridge's bitterness profile and Willamette hops are also added twice near the end of the boil for their aromatic contributions. A lager yeast strain is used in this lightly filtered, slightly cloudy beer. You might want to try this beer with a slice of lemon as many wheat style beers are served throughout Europe.
Note a slightly fruity, clean and well balanced nose up front. Look for great head retention in this light pale, slightly cloudy, medium-bodied beer. We found this American Wheat to have a tart, thirst quenching quality making it an extremely refreshing session beer. Overall, an excellent, well-balanced,clean-American Wheat.
Founded on August 2, 1994 by owner Steven Bender, The Rainbow Ridge Brewing Co. is the byproduct of a man whose background in beer had been previously focused on the marketing and distribution of large-brewer, mainstream products. Steve was then converted towards the "micro" way of doing things after enjoying his first Sierra Nevada Pale Ale. Brewmaster John Barrett graduated from U.C. Davis with a masters in the Science of Fermentation in 1969 and has won more Gold medals at the Great American Beer Festival than any other brewer in the country. All of Rainbow's bottled products are covered with an organic colored paint which allow virtually no UV light penetration, effecitvely maintaining their freshness. Rainbow also produces Red Ridge Ale, an amber ale and Blue Ridge Lager, a German amber lager. Steve plans to introduce Black Ridge Porter in the fall.

For more information about the brewery and scheduled tours, call (714) 631-6036.
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