RJ Rockers Brewing Company - Son of a Peach

RJ Rockers Brewing Company - Son of a Peach

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American Pale Wheat Ale


United States

Alcohol by Volume:


RJ Rockers Brewing Company - Son of a Peach

  • ABV:

  • Int’l Bittering Units (IBUs):

  • Serving Temperature:

    45-50° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Pint Glass, Weizen Glass
  • Malts:

    2 Row Pale, Wheat, Munich, Caramel 40
  • Hops:

    German Tradition, Mt. Hood
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This American-style wheat beer is brewed with a healthy dose of real locally-grown peaches for an infusion of peach character that, we were very happy to discover, comes through in an authentic fashion that artificial flavors just can’t produce. Like most wheat ales, it’s bottled unfiltered and pours a very hazy golden straw color. The aroma of fresh peaches is unmistakable on this most popular of RJ Rockers beers, and is immediately inviting. Look for that peach character to come through upfront on the palate, too, followed by wheaty notes and mild caramelization. We enjoyed the fairly vibrant carbonation which adds lift and a refreshing zing, augmenting the light hop bitterness, mildly spicy & citric hop flavor, and the wheaty twang. Try pairing this brew with soft fish tacos with mango salsa. Cheers!

The slogan at RJ Rockers is “Handcrafted. Every beer. Every drop. Every time.” But it’s not just an empty boast or vacuous marketing B.S. – it’s a true reflection of the passion for beer that comes from the top of their organization and flows down to all employees. Founder and owner Mark Johnsen still works hands-on, brewing Rockers beer with his own hands.

The RJ Rockers story begins when Mark was stationed in Germany after serving in the Gulf War in 1991. Germany is of course towards the very top of the list of fantastic places to live if you love good beer, and there’s no better place to learn the art and science of brewing if you have the interest. We’ve lost track of how many American brewers we’ve featured over the years who awakened to the world of beer during stints with the military in Germany, but it’s a very large number. Mark was no different, and he took full advantage of his prime location to study as much as he could about the brewing process.

After an honorable discharge, Mark was ready to jump into the brewing industry himself. Originally from New Jersey, he decided to settle in South Carolina, where he opened RJ Rockers as a brewpub in the historic Morgan Square area of downtown Spartanburg in 1997. Over the next few years RJ Rockers developed a strong following of devotees, and it became well-known as a local meeting place and watering hole, featuring live bands and games of trivia hosted by Mark himself. After five years of growing his brewpub’s following and building a reputation for great high-quality microbrewed beer, Mark took RJ Rockers on the leap from brewpub to full production brewery, offering bottled and draft beer to pubs, restaurants, and stores throughout the Southeast. A new building was acquired to serve as brewhouse, and a 30 barrel brewing system was put in, giving the brewery an annual capacity of 25,000 barrels – quite a step up from their brewpub system! To learn more about RJ Rockers Brewing Company or scheduled brewery tours, visit www.rjrockers.com or call 864-585-2337.

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