Rockford Brewing Company - Rockford Irish Red Ale

Rockford Brewing Company - Rockford Irish Red Ale

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Rockford Brewing Company - Rockford Irish Red Ale

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    40-45° F
The brewery’s second product took the Silver at the 1997 World Beer Championships in the Red Ale Category. An malty Irish Red Ale, Rockford Red is brewed with a combination of no less than 6 imported specialty malts including: two-row Pale, Wheat, Vienne, Munich, Chocolate and Victory malts. Here, Marty uses Galena and a big dose of Chinook hops early in the 90 min. boil to bitter the beer and later adds Willamette and a big dose of Cascade hops for aroma and flavor. A proprietary ale yeast strain is used.
This medium-bodied, filtered, amber-to-ruby colored Red Ale smells of sweet maltiness and fresh floral hops. The body picks up more of the roasted characters in the caramel malts, yet is still predominantly sweet. Look for a clean, mildly bitter finish. Overall, a nicely balanced, tasty interpretation of an Irish Red. We liked it.
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