Rock'n Brewing Company - Ballard Nut Brown

Rock'n Brewing Company - Ballard Nut Brown

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Rock'n Brewing Company - Ballard Nut Brown

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    48-53° F
Ballard Nut Brown is indeed an unusual beer, described by the brewer as a light interpretation of a dopplebock, our panel found it to be much more of an excellent representation of a porter! Two very different styles. In any case, it is brewed with a combination of two row pale, Carastan, Crystal, Chocolate,a nd roasted barley malts. Jenny adds Chinook and Northern Brewer hops up front during the 120 minute boil for their bittering characteristics. Tettnang hops are added last for their aromatic contributions. A Bohemian Lager yeast strain is used.
We thought that Ballard Nut Brown was a much better representation of a Porter than a Dopplebock. The first thing you'll pick up is a very roasted, rich and clean nose indicative of a porter. Look for good head retention in this very dark, clear, medium-bodied beer. The flavor profile, as the nose would indicate is also very roasted, crisp and flavorful. Overall, an excellent, tasty, clean beer.
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