Rogue Ales - Honey Cream Ale

Rogue Ales - Honey Cream Ale

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United States

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Rogue Ales - Honey Cream Ale

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    40-45° F
Rogue's newest product, Honey Cream Ale is brewed for 90 min. with a combination of two-row Pale, 13-17 level Carastan, and Munich malts. Rogue also uses milled corn flakes (yes! corn flakes!), an ingredient traditionally used to brew cream ales, which has a blending, smoothing effect on the malted grains. John uses Crystal hops in two separate additions for both aroma and bitterness. A proprietary ale yeast strain is used.
Immediately note a slight honey essence with some yeast esters and floral hoppiness evident as well. Look for good head retention in this clear, deep pale, medium-bodied beer. Rogue's Cream Ale starts out malty with some honey flavor, has a nicely balanced, clean body which finishes in a big dry way. Overall, a flavorful, well-balanced, hoppy interpretation of a Cream Ale.
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