Saxer Brewing Company - Saxer Dark Lager

Saxer Brewing Company - Saxer Dark Lager

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Saxer Brewing Company - Saxer Dark Lager

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    40-45° F
Saxer's Dark Lager is brewed with a combination of two row pale, munich, caramel, and black patent malts. The brewery uses Mt. Hood, Northern Brewer and Tettnang hops for both aroma and bitterness. This tasty dark lager was the recent recipient of a Gold Medal at the Great American Beer Festival. Also brewed in the German style, even those who claim not to like dark beers should enjoy this. It's brown, with hints of red, but pours with a dark tan head that holds very well. We picked up a chocolate maltiness up front which was a perfect preamble to a nicely balanced, clean malty body. You'll find the finish slightly spicy and leaving you with a desire for more. Overall, a wonderfully flavorful dark lager! We wish more U.S. breweries would take on the style!
Saxer Beer & Seafood Fest

This is a serious recipe for serious appetites. What more could you want? You got your potatoes, your shellfish, your fatty fish, your meaty fish, some nice spice and a vegi to boot. And of course, one of the best handcrafted lagers in the country. So what are ya waitin' for Julia? Get busy!

12 oz. Sea bass fillet (skin on)
12 oz. Salmon fillet (skin on)
8 oysters in shell, brushed and cleaned
½ lb. Cleaned mussels
4 russet potatoes peeled and cut in an oval
1 lb. Asparagus tips
¼ tsp. Caraway seeds
3 oz. Good butter
12 oz. Saxer Public Lager
2 Tbsp. Chopped parsley
salt, pepper to taste

Cook potatoes thoroughly in salty water. Cook asparagus al dente in salty water, then refresh in iced water. Cut each fish fillet in 4 slices and season with salt and pepper. Butter bottom of a lg. Saucepan, add fish pieces plus the 8 oysters and pour the beer and caraway seeds into pan. Bring to boil, cover and reduce heat. After 2 min., add potatoes and mussels. Cover and let simmer until mussels open. Remove the fish, shellfish and potatoes to a deep plate. Bring the remaining liquid to a boil. With a whisk, gently introduce the cold butter to the liquid a little at a time. Turn the flame on and off to keep the butter from breaking. Add the asparagus to the liquid and pour over the seafood. Sprinkle with fresh parsley and proceed to inhale food in mass quantities. Recline to couch and pop in "Raising Arizona" video for good laugh. Do not attempt to clean kitchen.

Hey Murl!

I've got a case of Sierra Nevada's Bigfoot Barley Wine riding on the outcome of your answer pal…so be kind! I bet my buddy that a keg of beer (half barrel) is roughly equivalent to about 7 cases. He says, "No Way! It's more like 15 cases" I told him I knew how I could find out exactly how many if he wanted to put his money where his mouth was! So, who's right?

Jason Fink

Bloomington, IN

Yo Finkster!

I got a better question for you first! How in the hell did someone in Bloomington Indiana hear about Bigfoot?! It's brewed in very small quantities and hard enough to find on the west coast much less in the middle of a cornfield! More power to ya sporto. You instantly won my respect after I learned of the legal tender you chose to wage.

So, who many beers to a kegger, is it? Takes me back to my college days it does. We had bar we build out wood from an old apartment complex owned by one of my roomies that was torn down. It was bad. Could fit 3 kegs under it no problem. Some folks made money on their college parties. We prided ourselves on NEVER running out of beer…which seemed like a good premise at the time but WHOA!!! You shoulda seen some of the dregs of society that were lurking around at 3am. You know…the ones' that had some kind of gene that wouldn't allow them to abandon a partially full keg. Guys with names like "Frogman" and "Stumpy". And then of course, there was my roommates and me…

Right. To the question. There are in fact 1984 ounces to a half-barrel. Translation: 165 twelve oz. Beers. 66 really big Beer bongs. 6.89 cases of twelve oz. Beers. Pay up Sucka! It's Bigfoot time! Enjoy your Barley Wine, Doris the Finkel-saurus!


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