Schirf Brewing Company - Premium Amber Ale

Schirf Brewing Company - Premium Amber Ale

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Schirf Brewing Company - Premium Amber Ale

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    40-45° F
Schirf's Premium Amber Ale is brewed with four different barley malts. The majority are 2-row pale malts, however, Brewmaster Mike Mankoschewski also combines crystal, Vienna, chocolate, and wheat malts to produce this extremely full-flavored dark amber ale. Chinook hops are used both as aroma and bittering hops, while Cascade hops are added primarily to enhance the beer's aroma. All of the Schirf Brewing Company's beers are brewed for 90 minutes and the finished, unpasteurized products are naturally carbonated providing better flavor and head retention.
Look for a beautiful brown color, an intense malty, chocolaty and slightly fruity nose, and excellent retention of this ale's creamy head. We found the flavor in this medium-bodied beer to be full roasted and malty with some moderate hop bitterness and a slightly sweet roasted finish. Overall, a very flavorful dark ale that could potentially be classified as an American Brown Ale and a damn good one! Utah's Best!
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