Smuttynose Brewing Company - Portsmouth Lager

Smuttynose Brewing Company - Portsmouth Lager

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United States

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Smuttynose Brewing Company - Portsmouth Lager

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    38-43° F
Portsmouth Lager is brewed with a combination of 2-row domestic Pale and Cara-Vienna malts. The brewery uses Cascade, Hallertau, Tettnanger to balance out the malt profile of this Golden Lager. Named after the brewery’s hometown on the occasion of its 375th anniversary, Portsmouth Lager is a full-flavored, medium bodied continental-style beer, deep golden in color, featuring a mouth-pleasing maltiness subtly balanced with spicy Hallertau and Tettnanger hops. Note a biscuity pale maltiness in the nose with a very subtle spicy hop character. One taste of this fine lager tells you this is no ordinary beer: From its mellow, velvety body to its lingering, fresh hop finish, Portsmouth Lager is smooth, complex and satisfying. Overall, an excellent representation of a Munich Helles. Very clean.
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