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Southern California Brewing Company - Screaming Lobster Lager

Southern California Brewing Company - Screaming Lobster Lager

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Southern California Brewing Company - Screaming Lobster Lager

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    40-45° F
Screaming Lobster Lager is brewed with four different two row barley malts. Eighty-five percent of the malts used are pales malts, 14% are Munich and other body malts providing the beer's sweetness, and the last 1 % are roasted malts which give the beer its golden color. Screaming Lobster is hopped both at the beginning of the boil and 45 minutes into it with Hersbrucker hops imported from the Hallertau region in Northern Bavaria. The beer is mashed using a graduated step method and the finished, unpasteurized product is naturally carbonated. Like many screaming lobsters, this one spends some time in a large stainless steel tank. In a sense it is also being "cooked" as it ferments for ten days in automatic temperature controlled tanks before being lagered or conditioned for four weeks. It is then filtered and bottled or kegged.
Look for a malty, sweet medium-bodied taste in this American lager. Screaming Lobster has a dryer finish than its lighter, Blonde counterpart.
The Southern California Brewing Company was founded on July 1st, 1988 in Torrance, California. From its modest beginning only seven years ago, the brewery has grown to a capacity of 10,000 barrels of beer per year. Although you may have seen SCBC's popular Ole Red Eye Red Ale sold in your neighborhood, we feel confident that you haven't tried either of their two latest creations that we are featuring this month. The samples of both SCBC's Screaming Lobster Lager and Southern California Blonde Lager come from the first bottled runs on the breweries newly introduced beers.
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