Stieglbrauerei - Stiegl Goldbräu

Stieglbrauerei - Stiegl Goldbräu

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Austrian Märzen / Helles Lager



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Stieglbrauerei - Stiegl Goldbräu

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    45-50° F
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    Pilsner Glass, Flute, Stange

Known as Salzburg’s “liquid gold,” Goldbräu unsurprisingly presents a bright golden hue in the glass, with crystal clarity and a bold cap of white foam which persists well. Locals would consider this brew an Austrian Märzen, which is distinct from the somewhat darker-hued German version, though we think Helles Lager is an equally appropriate descriptor. On the nose, look for a nice dose of fresh doughy bread and some crackery notes, overlaid by a lightly floral and somewhat grassy hop profile. This brew comes across super refreshing in the flavor, as that crackery core expands across the palate with a dash of residual sweetness amidst a medium body, balanced by some light hop spice and mild-to-moderate hop bitterness. Goldbräu finishes with that clean and crisp character that we love in these authentic European lagers. For food pairings, we recommend dishes which will play well with the beer’s central breadiness, such as fried chicken, tempura, schnitzel, soft pretzels, pizzas, calzones, empanadas, samosas, or burgers. A snack of Jack, Colby, or mild Cheddar cheeses will work nicely, as well. Cheers!

Founded in 1492 in Salzburg, at the foothills of the Alps, Stiegl is currently Austria's most successful privately-owned brewery. The name and logo are references to a small set of steps situated next to the brewhouse. For over 120 years, the brewery has been in the hands of the Kiener family, with Dr. Heinrich Dieter Kiener (III) at the helm since 1990. Since that time, Stiegl has grown from a small regional brewery into a significant player in the Austrian beer industry, at a time when many others in Austria have been bought up and controlled by large international conglomerates. We should also note that it’s one of the most beautiful and impressive looking breweries you'll ever see, both inside and out, containing both traditional and ultra-modern elements.

The brewery places a huge emphasis on the quality of the raw materials that go into their beers, starting with the water itself. To quote chief master brewer Christian Pöpperl: “The taste of a beer depends significantly on the water used in the brewing process. Here in Salzburg, we are extremely fortunate to be able to use the water from the Untersberg mountain exactly as it is when it emerges from the ground. It is not conditioned or changed in any way. This special water is also the main reason why we will stick with our only brewing site in Salzburg. It also means we could never brew our beer anywhere else.” Stiegl’s hops come from the Mühlviertel region in Upper Austria, and their grain is sourced from the Weinviertel region in Lower Austria, which is then malted at Stiegl’s own malthouse (they are the only brewery in the country to do so).

Stiegl currently produces a wide array of beers including two limited “vintage beers,” three from their organic “Wildshut” beer farm, seven modern “craft beers,” and fourteen “classic beers” including this month’s Goldbräu. We hope you enjoy this classic as much as we did. For more info, visit them at

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