Stone Mountain Brewing Company - Stone Mountain Lager

Stone Mountain Brewing Company - Stone Mountain Lager

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Stone Mountain Brewing Company - Stone Mountain Lager

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    37-42° F
discover our four clubs Stone Mountain Lager is a medium-bodied German lager brewed with a combination of klages and capapils malts. Stone Mountain is bittered with Galena and Hallertauer hops while Smith uses Tettnanger hops to give the beer its slightly fruity aroma. This smooth, refreshing lager is brewed with a proprietary yeast strain during a 90 minute boil.
Low in esters and with some hop spiciness evident, this clean lager has a very nice nose overall. Look for good head retention in this medium-to-light-bodied, clear, pale colored beer. We picked up a slightly sweet, pale malt start which carries over to the middle and a dry, very smooth finish which indicates that it has been well-lagered. Stone Mountain's flavor profile has a low hop bitterness. Overall, a well balanced, exceptionally smooth and crisp lager.
The Stone Mountain Brewing Co. derives its name from Georgia's Stone Mountain State Park, a former battlefield and now Civil War memorial rich in Southern heritage. Brewmaster and President, Claude Smith, has a BS in Chemistry and like many brewmasters, has his roots as a homebrewer and has been brewing for over ten years now. In a two year effort to develop an American-produced German style lager with a smooth finish and clean after-taste, Claude brewed over one hundred test batches before homing in on a recipe that met his expectations. Always popular with friends and family during the development phase of a new product, the byproduct being 500 gallons of homebrew, each slightly improved upon from the last, Smith plans to introduce a stout and dark lager before the end of the year.

For more information about the brewery and scheduled tours, call (408) 988-7106.
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