Stoney Creek Brewing Company - Pale Ale

Stoney Creek Brewing Company - Pale Ale

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Stoney Creek Brewing Company - Pale Ale

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    40-45° F
This American pale ale pours an amber to caramel color while presenting some inviting red highlights. Note the somewhat floral, hoppy nose, a result of dry hopping with Cascade hops. The off-white head is of medium consistency and dresses the ale nicely, scoring points with our tasting panel in the appearance department. The hop character is initially a bit subdued by quickly developing pine and citrus notes, but comes through in the end, along with a bit of maltiness, for a smooth and rather well balanced finish. This is a very drinkable beer, satisfying in flavor, and also surprisingly thirst-quenching.
The Stoney Creek Brewing Company is one of only three breweries in Michigan's largest city of Detroit—a surprisingly low number for a state that has over 60 operating breweries! But those who have visited this establishment's brewpub aren't likely to complain at this low number, as these guys have an impressive line up if liquid refreshment. Not only do they produce 14 or more different beers (they never seem to be content to stop creating new treats for their consumers), they are one of a very limited number of breweries to also make their own wine as well. In fact, they currently offer an impressive list of nine homemade wines. Thus, while there are few breweries and/or brewpubs in the motor city, there's plenty of variety to sample from at this one alone!

If you are a beer enthusiast, and the chances are that if you're reading this, you are (or at least, someone out there thinks that you are), then you already understand the allure of an ale, the seduction of a stout, and the power of a pilsner. Now, we're not talking about power in terms of potency or alcohol content, or the beauty of a just-poured dark porter as its head develops atop a cascading display as enticing as a siren's song, drawing you inexorably closer—we're talking about the feeling you get when you drink a great beer. It's as if there's some higher power at work behind the scenes that has aided in the creation of a truly fulfilling brew. Some breweries have this gift, while others simply do not, and those that do seem to be somehow imbued with this impressive power. It kind of makes you wonder, what other powers do these facilities wield? Is it possible that some of the establishments that create the most sublime brews also have other abilities, such as the means to raise the dead? A perfectly logical and obvious question for those of us beer connoisseurs with inquisitive minds (and perhaps, overactive imaginations). Well, as luck would have it, the Stoney Creek Brewing Company is one of them with the power to resurrect

If you’ve already got a generous dose of this month's shipment in you at this point, then this newsletter might be freaking you out right about now The truth about Stoney Creek's resurrective power may not be as mystical as we’ve made it sound, but this brewery has in fact brought back a number of beers from that dark place that defunct breweries are forced to send their once prized elixirs to: the unforgiving cellar of discontinuance Stoney Creek moved in to the operating space formerly used by the Atwater Block Brewery after they went out of business in 2000. After renovating the location, they purchased the Atwater name and brands, of which at least three are currently offered along with their own line up, aided in large part by the skills of former Atwater brewer Hazen Schumacher. Thus, fans of the Atwater beers will find little to no difference in taste between those previously sold and those that are now offered at Stoney Creek. From great ales to stupendous stouts, fine wines to culinary fanfare, this brewpub has, to say the least, a lot to offer. If you're ever in the Detroit area, we encourage you to stop in for a visit (at least once).

For more information about the brewery and scheduled tours, call (313) 877-9205 or check out their web site at
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