Stoudts Brewing Company - American Pale Ale

Stoudts Brewing Company - American Pale Ale

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Stoudts Brewing Company - American Pale Ale

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    45-50° F
Stoudt’s American Pale Ale is brewed with a combination of 2-row Pale, Munich, and Caramel malts and lots of Cascade hops. So don’t be surprised when you smell the powerful, floral hops just before you take a sip. This medium-bodied, light amber, pale ale starts with a nice balance of pale maltiness balanced well with a tart hop bitterness. Look for hints of malt in the finish, but it is mostly the Cascade hops that are lingering. Overall, a very flavorful, rich pale ale that would go great with well seasoned seafood.
The Stoudts Brewing Company, located in Adamstown, Pennsylvania, was established in 1987 by Carol Stoudt. Carol was the first female Brewmaster in America since prohibition and is the first woman in America to oversee the design and development of a microbrewery from inception to completion! She has been brewing award winning beers since the brewery was first opened. Since 1988, Stoudts Brewing Company has been rewarded for its superlative efforts with more than 20 gold, silver, and bronze medals from the Great American Beer Festival (GABF) and close to 30 medals total from the GABF, World Beer Cup (WBC), and the Beverage Tasting Institute combined.

Following the strict guidelines of the Reinheitsgebot (the German Purity Law of 1516), Carol brews 14 different styles of ales and lagers, including the Scarlet Lady E.S.B., Pils, Gold Lager, Abbey Double, Abbey Triple, Scotch-Style Ale, Anniversary, Fat Dog Stout, Weizen, Oktoberfest, Holiday Reserve, Blonde Double Maibock, and the two that we are sending you this month – American Pale Ale and Fest. Lots of beers, lots of medals, and lots of time is spent in making these excellent beers. We know you’re going to appreciate the passion Carol puts into her brews.

For more information about the brewery and scheduled tours, call (717) 484-4387 or check out their web site at
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