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Sun Valley Brewing Company - Honey Weizen

Sun Valley Brewing Company - Honey Weizen

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United States

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Sun Valley Brewing Company - Honey Weizen

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    40-50° F
Like its darker cousin, Sun Valley's Honey Weizen is a wonderfully complex and unique beer. Brewed with a combination of Pale, Wheat, and Munich malts during a 90 min. boil, this unfiltered wheat uses a proprietary Cerevisiae yeast strain. Gordon uses Tettnanger, Liberty and Perle hops for aroma and Perle again for bittering. The beer is tank conditioned with an all natural first press Sage honey produced in Idaho. Most Asian produced store- bought honey brands are heavily filtered, diluted with water, and contain pesticides banned in the U.S. The honey Gordon uses is produced from bees buzzin' around natural fields of Sage. So what? So you won't be dining with Diazanon or any other chemical when you sample this beauty! "First Press" means that the honey is extracted directly from the cone and not processed in any way what so ever. Bottom line? Taste it. You'll see.
Look for a peculiar, subtle, fruity nose and great head retention in this cloudy, medium-bodied, straw colored beer. Note a very unique and unusual flavor profile that starts out sweet with a distinct fruity honey character, has a low hop character and finishes dry. Overall, a very flavorful, complex and unique interpretation of a honey weizen.
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