Sun Valley Brewing Company - Lost Planet Porter

Sun Valley Brewing Company - Lost Planet Porter

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Sun Valley Brewing Company - Lost Planet Porter

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    45-50° F
Lost Planet is a tank conditioned British-style porter that is brewed with a combination of no less than 11 different grains including: 4 different dark roasted barley varieties, 3 types of Caramel & Crystal malts, 2 varieties of Munich malts, two-row Pale malt and one modified custom pale malt. Gorden uses Perle, Cascade, Nugget, and Northern Brewer hops for their bittering characteristics and Cascade, Northern Brewer and Fuggle hops for their aromatic qualities. This complex beer is brewed using a 90 min. boil and a proprietary ale yeast strain. It's also slow fermented which allows higher levels of phenols and esters to come out more in the flavor. The funky label art is provided by Commander Cody of the Lost Planet Airmen Band.
Immediately note a big and pleasant roasted barley nose. Look for good head retention in this clear, dark brown, medium-bodied beer. Lost Planet starts out sweet and quickly moves to a very complex roasted flavor which carries to the finish. This porter also has an unusually bold hop character that works well with the presence of high esters and phenols. Overall, a very clean, well balanced and complex interpretation of a British Porter.
Founded in 1985, The Sun Valley Brewing Co. is Idaho's largest brewery at a capacity of only 4000 barrels per year. Nestled in the Wood River Valley in Hailey Idaho, south of the nation's oldest ski area, the brewery also hosts a pub and restaurant. Their two vessel brewhouse produces 40 barrel batches while using a single stage infusion mash.

Co-founder and brewmaster Gordon Gammell has been brewing at Sun Valley 11 out of his 21 years as a brewer. Gordon holds a B.S. in geology and microbiology and studied at the Seibel Brewing Institute as well as in the University of California Davis's renowned brewing program. In addition to the two beers that you'll sample this month, Sun Valley also brews an amber ale, German style lager, pilsner, ESB, Marzen, Octoberfest and Holiday Ale. Sun Valley's outstanding product line has taken over 11 awards including 6 at the Great American Beer Festival. The brewery currently employs 3 full-time assistant brewers and 3 full-time pub employees.

For more information about the brewery and scheduled tours, call (208) 788-5777 or check out their web site at
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