Table Rock Brewpub and Grill - Nut Brown Ale

Table Rock Brewpub and Grill - Nut Brown Ale

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Table Rock Brewpub and Grill - Nut Brown Ale

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    50-55° F
Table Rock's Nut Brown is brewed with a combination of no less than 9 different malts including: Two-row Pale, Crystal, Carapils, Carastan,. Brown, Dark Caramel, Black Patent, and Chocolate malts. Brewmaster Terry Dennis uses Willamette hops only towards the beginning of the 90 min. boil to balance the beer's malty profile with some bitterness. An American Pale Ale yeast strain is used.
Immediately note a malty and fruity nose with roasted notes lingering in the background. Look for good head retention in this brown, clear, medium-bodied beer. This nut brown starts out with nice roasted tones with a well-balanced hint of hops evident. Table Rock finishes roasted as well and with slightly dry, nutty, toffee-like characteristics. Overall, a very complex and flavorful malt profile in a exceptionally clean and drinkable American Brown Ale.
Located in downtown Boise, Idaho, the Table Rock Brewpub & Grill was founded by Mike and Peg Fitzgerald in March of 1991 thus becoming the city's first brewpub. The brewpub was soon expanded and in 1992 TableRock's beers were kegged and wholesaled exclusively in Southwestern Idaho. To meet growing demand, the brewery has expanded five times since opening and the current 35 barrel brewhouse's annual production is roughly 2000 barrels per year.

The upscale, yet comfortable brewpub serves a wide variety of sandwiches, soups, burgers and other pubfare. In addition to the two beers featured this month, the brewery bottles a filtered American Wheat and a raspberry ale. Rotating taps at the brewpub allow greater variety where they have served a red ale, dunkelweizen, Irish red, Irish dry stout, sweet stout, extra special bitter, porter, golden ale, amber ale, and a rye ale to name a few!

For more information about the brewery and scheduled tours, call (208) 385-9060.
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