Ten Springs Brewing Company - Saratoga Classic Pilsner

Ten Springs Brewing Company - Saratoga Classic Pilsner

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Ten Springs Brewing Company - Saratoga Classic Pilsner

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    40-45° F
Saratoga Classic Pilsner is brewed with a blend of imported German and domestic malts including two-row pale and caramel malts. Ten Springs hops this authentic German Pils primarily with spicy Bohemian Czechoslovakian Saaz hops. Note a clean maltiness up front balanced nicely with a spicy hop nose. Look for a full-flavored, medium-bodied, classic German-style Pilsner offering a crisp body and dry hop finish. Overall, true to style and very well done.
Based in the heart of Saratoga Springs in upstate New York, the Ten Springs Brewing Company was built in the picturesque Valley of the Ten Springs. The springs themselves are named for the underground aquifer that has been acclaimed for its pure and effervescent waters. According to legend, the waters found there were the providence of the Great Spirit. An Iroquois chief prayed for healing waters, which were used to treat the sick. The springs also supported abundant animal life. The animal life attracted to the springs included deer, moose and black bear, and the area became prized for hunting.

Eventually word of the springs reached early American settlers. The Iroquois shared the secret with Americans who came to drink and bathe in the waters from the Valley of the Ten Springs. Much later these same grounds became basis for the now famous Saratoga Springs Resort.

The boys at the Ten Springs Brewing Co. had some ideas of their own as to how best to make use of the spring water and you’re going to get a chance to savor the fruits of their efforts this month. In early 1998 Ten Springs Brewery created a 125-barrel brewhouse equipped to produce up to 100,000 barrels of beer annually under strict controls. Other beers produced at the Ten Springs brewery include Whiteface Pale Ale and Fat Bear Stout. All of Ten Spring's beers are brewed with water from the ancient springs.

For more information about the brewery and scheduled tours, call (518) 581-0492.
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