The Henry Ortlieb Brewing Company - Dock St. Amber Ale

The Henry Ortlieb Brewing Company - Dock St. Amber Ale

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The Henry Ortlieb Brewing Company - Dock St. Amber Ale

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    38-42° F
discover our four clubs Dock Street Amber Ale is brewed with a combination of two row pale and caramel malts. The brewery uses American Cascade hops in 2 additions during the boil to give the beer its big floral hop nose. Immediately note a wonderfully huge hop nose that screams Cascade! We found the flavor to be complex, offering a pleasant fruitiness and sweet maltiness that is balanced well with the Cascade hop bitterness. It’s full-bodied and damn tasty! Enjoy!
The Henry Ortlieb Brewing Company has a family history of brewing in Philadelphia that dates back four generations. It was Henry Ortlieb’s great-grandfather Trupert who founded the brewery in the 1850’s after leaving Germany.

Before Trupert could begin using the craft he had learned back in Germany, he had another matter that required his attention. Trupert enlisted in the Union army during the Civil War and came out a decorated hero. Once he was done fighting, Trupert moved to Philadelphia, opened a tavern, and began brewing using his family’s secret recipe. In 1869, Trupert founded the Ortlieb Brewery on the site where lager was first introduced to the United States by John Wagner in 1840.

Four generations later, Henry re-opened a portion of the original brewery in 1997 to house Henry Ortlieb’s Brewery which produces the Dock Street line of beers. Dock Street is the region’s most successful microbrewed beer, and one of the most respected in the country. Winner of five Gold Medals at "Monde Selection" in Brussels, Belgium, Dock Street continues to brew with a vision of producing a better glass of beer and a mission to elevate beers’ status and appreciation. We know you’re gonna love these beers!
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