The Modern Brewer Company - Fat Cat IPA

The Modern Brewer Company - Fat Cat IPA

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Alcohol by Volume:


The Modern Brewer Company - Fat Cat IPA

  • Alcohol by Volume: 5.2%
  • Bottle Size: No
  • Int’l Bittering Units (IBUs): 43
  • Serving Temperature: 43-48° F
Fat Cat IPA is brewed with a combination of two-row Pale, Munich, Vienne, and Carapils malts. It undergoes four separate hop additions in the boil, involving Czechoslovakian Saaz hops for bittering and Willamette and Kent Goldings for flavor and aroma. This copper-colored, full-bodied IPA starts with a floral and malty sweet nose that hints towards hop spiciness as well. Look for good head retention in this filtered beer. A complex body is perhaps slightly maltier than most IPA's, but a pleasant mix of hop character soon reminds you of the style you're drinking. We enjoyed a spicy, dry, tangy lingering hop finish. Overall, a complex, very flavorful and unique interpretation of an India Pale Ale.
The Modern Brewer Company sprung from a home brewing supply shop in Cambridge, MA. Founded in 1988 by Jeff Pzena, an avid home-brewer whom had moved to Boston after graduating from the University of Chicago. After not being able to find home-brew supplies in Boston, Jeff decided to open his own home-brew supply shop. At the time, the craft beer industry was starting to pick up and he sensed there was a market for craft supplies. He was right. The store grew quickly and our hero was able to hire a store manager to run the store, enabling him to winter in Boulder.

While there, he found a job as a brewer, and indulged his love for both brewing and skiing! He also planned a new phase of his beer business: A (B.O.P.) or Brew-on-Premise. He installed a commercial brewing system in his store, which enabled customers to brew their own beer under the supervision of skilled brewers. B.O.P.s started in Canada as residents there sought to avoid high alcohol taxes by making their own beer. The concept became popular as more and more people came to enjoy producing their own custom labeled brews. Several local bar and restaurant owners approached Pzena, and the commercial brewing arm opened in the early spring of 1996. In addition to the exceptional IPA you'll try this month, the brewery also produces a stout, an ESB, a golden ale, a wheat beer and a brown ale. The beers were dubbed Fat Cat Beers, after a well-fed feline owned by Jeff's wife.
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