Tommyknocker Brewing Company - Pick Axe Pale Ale

Tommyknocker Brewing Company - Pick Axe Pale Ale

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United States

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Tommyknocker Brewing Company - Pick Axe Pale Ale

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    43-48° F
Pick Axe Pale Ale is a classic English style Pale Ale. Its complex hop profile, Tommyknocker uses Chinook, British East Kent Goldings, Yakima Goldings, and Czech Saaz hops, is further enhanced as the brewery dry hops with the last 3 of the above hop varieties. Dave Schleef, their corporate head brewer uses 2-row pale, Munich, Carastan, and Light Crystal malts to brew this classic interpretation of a classic style. Immediately note a spicy, floral hop aroma. We found the flavor to start with a pleasant sweet maltiness, accented nicely with a tangy hop bitterness. It finishes slightly dry. Overall, a well-balanced, flavorful English Pale Ale.
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