Waimea Breaing Company - Luau lager

Waimea Breaing Company - Luau lager

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Alcohol by Volume:


Waimea Breaing Company - Luau lager

  • ABV:

  • Int’l Bittering Units (IBUs):

  • Serving Temperature:

    35-42° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Pint Glass or Pilsner Glass
  • Malts:

    2-Row Pale
  • Hops:

    Cluster, Hallertauer, Simcoe
Summer's the perfect time to host your own Luau—and you don't have to be in Hawaii; just serve up some Luau Lager and let Hawaii come to you! The westernmost example of an American interpretation of classic, pre-prohibition pilsner, this beer pours a rich golden color and showcases a fluffy white head. The nose presents characteristic pilsner scents with crisp, lightly lemony hop notes and impressions of fresh-baked bread and crushed grains & caramel. Expect a sweeter beer than you may be accustomed to in your pilsners, with distinct notes of honey and a very subtle, nearly peach-like note. The finish is crisply bitter and just dry enough to cleanse the palate and prepare you for your next sip. Versatile by nature, pilsners go great with most foods. Try it with chicken or beef teriyaki or orange-glazed Mahi Mahi (both entrées just happen to be offered at the Waimea Brewing Company's Brewpub).
"Go West Young Man..." (or woman). There's some real merit to this old saying, and we've got the proof! Head about as far west as you can get to The Waimea Brewing Company (or as we like to call it "paradise found"). Known as the world's westernmost brewpub, this wonderful little island microbrewer is set in one of the most idyllic landscapes of any beer-making facility in the world. On the west side of the isle of Kauai you'll find the small town of Waimea, located at the mouth of the Waimea River (aka Waimea Bay). On your way west across the island, you'll be in close proximity to Waimea Canyon (described by Mark Twain as "the Grand Canyon of the Pacific"), Kokee State Park—a great place for island hiking, and Polihale State Beach—the longest white sands beach in all the Hawaiian islands. Aahhhhh... We're relaxed just picturing it! Their 125 seat brewpub is located in a 100 year old coconut grove where the ancient trade winds continue to sweep through the treetops today just as they did when first planted by Waimea Sugar Mill owner Hans Peter Fayè. OK, we're no longer just relaxed picturing the place, we're downright jealous! Their location is ideal for a brewpub—situated on the sunny side of Kauai where the average annual rainfall is a mere 25 inches compared to Mt. Wai'ale'ale (pronounced 'why-ah-lee-ah-lee') where the average rainfall is an astonishing 460 inches per year! Known as "the wettest spot on Earth", this overabundant rainfall provides ample pure island water for the production of their local brews. Given the aesthetic appeal of Kauai, it's no wonder Captain Cook chose to land here in 1786 during his explorations of the Pacific Ocean (rumor has it he brought his own IPA along with him on his journey—the inspiration for Waimea B.C.'s own interpretation of the style). It's also not surprising that Hans Peter Fayè, or "H.P." as he was known to his closest associates, chose to settle here. H.P. was integral to the economic drive-train—sugar plantations and sugar production—that helped create what Waimea is today. His legacy lives on in another sweet creation harvested from the island: microbrew! In fact, his great-great-grandson, Robert Fayè, is the CEO of Waimea Brewing Company. With the help of founding brewer and president Bret Larson, the company has grown to see distribution beyond the Hawaiian islands. Mostly available only on the western coast of the mainland, we're happy to be bringing their brews to beer fans throughout the country! It's just our way of saying "Mahalo." For more information about the brewery or brewpub, call (808) 338-9733, or visit their website at www.waimeabrewing.com.
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