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Western Reserve Brewing Company - Cloud Nine Belgian White Ale

Western Reserve Brewing Company - Cloud Nine Belgian White Ale

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United States

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Western Reserve Brewing Company - Cloud Nine Belgian White Ale

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    42-47 F
Brewed in the classic Belgian Witbier tradition, Western Reserve's Cloud Nine is an unfiltered spiced ale that's adds up to real satisfaction on a hot summer day. The guys use a combination of two-row pale and wheat malts, coupled with rolled oats to brew their interpretation of a Belgian Witbier. Ultra and Crystal hops are the only hops used to brew Cloud Nine White and they are used primarily to add bitterness. Western Reserve uses a proprietary Belgian Witbier yeast strain. We found it quite complex and very refreshing. It's hazy, crisp, and very smooth. The traditional spices come through in the nose and mouth feel offering a hint of citrus flavor and aroma. You're gonna dig it!
After putting Joe Walsh on the rock n' roll tree, Michael Keaton in a Batman outfit and Arsenio Hall on television for 15 minutes, Kent State University has finally produced an alumnus who is doing something productive for society. Gavin Smith, a 30-year-old who graduated in 1990 with a bachelor's degree in general studies, and his partner Andy Craze, a Stanford University graduate, both worked for computer companies after graduation.
After a few years of computer work and home brewing as a hobby, the pair decided to throw their careers to the wind and start a brewery, just as the craft beer market started to go through the roof. Smith credits former President Jimmy Carter, who signed the law making it legal to brew beer at home, for the boom in craft breweries. As the good beer lovin' citizens began experimenting with different tasting beers at home they began to demand it at the store.
Smith and Craze incorporated the Western Reserve Brewing Company in 1995 and began earnest work perfecting their recipes. Early this year they leased their facility in downtown Cleveland and put in $500,000 of brewing equipment. For the next five months Smith and Craze went through experimental batches of their beer until they got the flavor just how they wanted it. "We're our own worst critics," Smith said. The pair went through eight experimental batches of their brews before they were ready to distribute.
The marketing strategy of the Western Reserve Brewing Company is simple - the name of the brewery and the style of beer on every label. "We're not gonna bombard people with a bunch of flowery marketing," Smith said. As the Western Reserve Brewing Company grows, Smith couldn't be happier with his newly found profession. "I can't think of anything more fun to do for a living," he said.
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