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You can create a custom membership by combining any or all of our six monthly clubs into one membership (2 shipment minimum). Design Your Own Club™ allows you to ship or skip in any given month, determining the schedule and product combinations that are perfect for you or your gift recipient. Learn More

Shipping restrictions exist for some states. The state you choose will determine which clubs are available.

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You must be at least 21 years old to give or receive beer, wine, and cigars.

* Only our cigar club may be delivered outside the U.S. Please call 800-625-8238 for international cigar orders.

Design Your Own Club™, in the words of our customers...

"My name is Jennifer and my husband bought me wine/cheese of the month for my birthday this year! I was so excited and immediately started planning my "wine & cheese night" with my cheese lover friends. I spent weeks collecting just the right crackers and other delicous bites to share with our meal. Finally I received my cheese and our Spanish cheese night was a success! I read aloud about each cheese from the newsletter and then we tasted it, noting the smoky or nutty flavors. It was a wonderful night, thanks to your delicious cheeses!!" Jennifer R, WA

"My brother’s 30th birthday was coming up and I wanted to get him something really special. He loves all types of wine so I thought a Wine of the Month Club membership would be perfect. I called you and spoke to Tiffany and she walked me through the three different wine club levels that you offer. She also told me that I could even mix and match the different clubs to fit my budget. It was a perfect idea! I ended up mixing the Premier Series with the Collectors Series every other month and even sent reds only some months and a red and white on other months. My brother now begs me to get this for him every year and that was 4 years ago!" Lindsay White, WA

"...I've been a member since you first introduced the cheese club. I was getting the wine club first and saw your introduction announcement in my newsletter. I called to check it out and was going to cancel the wine club (which I really love! But couldn't afford both.) and try the cheese out for a while. One of your customer service people suggested that I keep the wine club and just alternate shipments, so now I get cheese one month and then wine and then cheese. It's awesome! It's tough to save at least one of the wines to pair up with the cheeses though. I'm going to send a few of your E-Hints to see if my family members will pool their Christmas gift $$$ and then I can get both clubs all year long!" Cornelius A. IL

"Every Christmas I buy myself a present so I make sure I get at least one present I like. This year I thought I would try out your Flower of the Month Club, since your wine of the month is superlative! Thought you would like to know that I am not only thrilled, but if the flowers and the wine are indications of the quality your other products, I would not hesitate to recommend any of them to my friends. You really surpassed my expectations again. I checked the prices out on some of the flowers you have sent to me, and I can't believe the value!" David Parker, CT

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The chart below shows the current next available shipping month for each club type. We need to receive the order for a club type by that club's "Order By" date, to be able to mail the shipment within the month displayed.

If you want the first shipment to be sent in the next available month shown here, you will need to place your order on or before the "Order By" date shown.

Club Next Available Month Order By
Beer November 2016 15th
Cheese November 2016 15th
Chocolate November 2016 15th
Cigar November 2016 15th
Flower November 2016 15th
Wine November 2016 15th

Use our flexible Design Your Own Club to make creative configurations

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Shipping Information

Beer & Wine

Delivery Schedules - Shipments are sent between the 15th and 25th.  Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery.  Gift Announcements may be emailed or printed at any time.

MA & TX DELIVERIES FOR BEER AND/OR WINE: Due to unique challenges required to ship into MA & TX, orders are shipped only once a month and can take an additional 1-2 weeks to arrive depending on when your order was placed. Please call our Customer Service Department at 800-625-8238 for an estimated time of arrival.

Shipping Restrictions - We cannot ship beer to Alaska, Hawaii and Utah, and cannot ship outside of the US. 

Shipping Location - Shipments require an adult signature upon delivery, so choose a location where an adult can sign for delivery.

Shipping Alcoholic Beverages - By placing an order with us, you authorize us to act on your behalf to engage a common carrier to deliver your order and that you and the recipient are both at least 21 years old.


Delivery Schedules - Shipments are sent via the U.S. Postal Service between the 10th and 15th. Please allow 7-10 business days for delivery. Gift Announcements may be emailed or printed at any time.

Shipping Outside of the U.S. - To order, please call 800-625-8238 or 949-206-1904.

Cheese & Chocolate

Delivery Schedules - Shipments are sent on the 3rd Tuesday of each month via Next Day or 2nd Day Service with the exception of November when shipments may be sent the 2nd Tuesday to avoid conflicting with Thanksgiving.

Shipping Restrictions - We cannot ship cheese to AK or HI or outside of the US.

Shipping Location - Due to this product's perishable nature, please ship to a location where someone will be there to receive it.


Delivery Schedules - Shipments are sent on the 3rd Monday of each month via Next Day service.

Shipping Restrictions - We cannot ship flowers to AK or HI or outside of the US.

Shipping Location - Due to this product's perishable nature, please ship to a location where someone will be there to receive it.

Creating a Personalized Gift Announcement

You will have several gift announcement options during the checkout process.

    1. You may send an email announcement now, or schedule to have your email sent at a future date


    2. You may print your announcement so that you can deliver it to your gift recipient.

Customers who create an account will be able to view and edit their scheduled email gift announcements at a later date if desired.