BJ's Brewhouse - Imperial White Ale

BJ's Brewhouse - Imperial White Ale

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Belgian-style Imperial Witbier w/ Dried Orange Peel & Coriander Seeds


United States

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BJ's Brewhouse - Imperial White Ale

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  • Serving Temperature:

    50–57° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Chalice, Goblet, Pilsner, or Tulip
  • Hops:

    Hallertau Tradition

BJ’s Imperial White Ale is a Belgian-style wheat beer made with dried orange peel, coriander seeds, German Hallertau Tradition hops, and Belgian white ale yeast. This hefty imperialized version of Belgian-style witbier is 9.5% ABV, pale and hazy in appearance, and packed with sweet bready maltiness that’s evened out by a spicy yeast character and bitter citrus.

This wheat beer pours a hazed, golden-honey color that’s capped by bright white foam, well retained and filling up our glasses. Effervescent bubbles continue to replenish it from below. Vibrant citrus, pepper, and coriander lead the initial aromatics, providing a welcome mixture of sweet oranges beside spicier components from the yeast and the special additions. Subtle touches of herbaceous, grassy character from the Hallertau hops, with the aroma ultimately showcasing the fruit-spice balance of the witbier style.

Full-bodied presence from the very first sip, with bready maltiness, a fresh citrus impact, and warming coriander throughout. The spice, herbs, and bitter-citrus components provide solid interplay with the sweeter elements, with a bump in bitterness coming from those Hallertau hops. Toffee and light caramel emerge as this warms. BJ’s Imperial White Ale is a beautiful imperial wit packed with citrus, warming spice, and core malts that continue to unfold.

While the heightened ABV will give this some longevity, we’d enjoy it on the fresher side. For pairings: we’d work with those core notes of citrus, spice, and bready maltiness, plus the vibrant carbonation, pairing this alongside fish tacos or classic mussels and frites.

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