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BJ’s Brewhouse - Malt Storm

BJ’s Brewhouse - Malt Storm

Beer Club featured in Rare Beer Club


Belgo-Style Imperial Oat Stout


United States

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BJ’s Brewhouse - Malt Storm

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  • Serving Temperature:

    51–55° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Snifter, Tulip, or Teku Glass

Next in this special offering, we’ve got the unique and expressive BJ’s Malt Storm Imperial Oat Stout. It is a collaboration with Owen Williams, one of BJ’s original brewers who co-founded Ritual Brewing Co. This is a take on Ritual’s Big Deluxe Oat Stout, fermented with BJ’s proprietary Belgian yeast. BJ’s Malt Storm is only available through the BJ’s Brewhouse Beer Club (which is limited to California) and the Rare Beer Club in very limited quantitites.

BJ’s Malt Storm pours a dark chocolate-brown color, capped by light-tan foam that shows excellent retention and lacing, despite this beer’s potent ABV. The aroma is a captivating blend of rich roasted malts, distinct Belgian yeast character, and subtle hints of oats. Notes of dark chocolate and espresso dominate, accompanied by nuances of caramelized brown sugar. There are even hints of dark raisins, clove, and pepper.

The BJ’s Brewhouse Malt Storm Imperial Oat Stout delivers a bold and complex flavor profile. Roasted malt flavors of dark cocoa, coffee, and toffee are present throughout and a velvety smoothness is imparted by the oats. Despite the robust flavors, there’s a surprising degree of balance with each flavor playing off the others to create an outstanding beer.

Full-bodied and creamy, the BJ’s Malt Storm has a round mouthfeel that leads to a long and lingering finish bringing back the hints of raisin with a touch of sweetness. Truly enjoyable.

BJ’s Malt Storm Imperial Oat Stout is suitable for aging 1 to 3 years, but can be enjoyed now paired with grilled, coffee-rubbed steak or a variety of desserts with chocolate, vanilla, and caramel.

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