Brasserie Fantôme - Chocolat Dark Version

Brasserie Fantôme - Chocolat Dark Version

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Belgian Dark Farmhouse Ale w/ Cocoa and Chili Pepper



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Brasserie Fantôme - Chocolat Dark Version

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    45–52° F
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    Tulip, Teku, or Goblet

The third beer in the Brasserie Fantôme Chocolat series is the Chocolat Dark Version. This beer presents itself with a hazy darkened hue, ranging from a dark brown core to deep amber around the edges, capped off by a generous light tan head. The initial scent reveals light chocolate malt, dark pumpernickel bread undertones, hints of dried figs and dates, and flashes of chili pepper. The aromas are further enhanced with each swirl revealing dried apricot, dried blood orange, and dark plum, with hints of carrot and coriander playing a faint supporting role. Lots of earthy and foresty aromas coming alive here.

The flavor profile starts off with a juicy character that warms the palate with cocoa notes emerging and lasting beginning to end. A rustic quality complemented by faint chili seed notes follows, with a touch of sourdough, gentle earthiness, hints of ginger, and toasty malt. Pumpernickel bread emerges once again with notes of dried dark dates and figs giving a bit of sweetness to balance out any acidity. Interestingly the hints of carrot have faded but are replaced by earthy baking spices, coriander, faded dried banana peel, and a touch of holiday fruit cake. This very well rounded and balanced ale is medium to full bodied, has a luscious mousse, and a long warming finish accented by dark cocoa and hints of chili.

We’re very glad to note that these three seemingly similar beers take on a character all their own with very little overlap in actual flavor and texture. Impressive to say the least.

As with the previous two Chocolat beers, the Chocolat Dark Version can be enjoyed now (as we highly encourage because it is delicious, so why wait?) or further matured for quite some time. The cocoa and chilis will add complexity for years to come. Paired with braised short ribs or a bowl of Texas Red Chili, you can’t go wrong.

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