Brasserie Fantôme - Chocolat White Version

Brasserie Fantôme - Chocolat White Version

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Belgian Farmhouse Ale w/ Cocoa and Chili Pepper



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Brasserie Fantôme - Chocolat White Version

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    45–52° F
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    Tulip, Teku, or Goblet

The second beer in this offering from Brasserie Fantôme is the Chocolat White Version, a unique and rare Belgian farmhouse ale also made with cocoa and chili peppers. The Chocolat White Version presents itself as a bright, hazy pale gold beer, reminiscent of sunlit farmland in the Belgian countryside, with a fine white head, and minimal amounts of lacing. The brightness carries into the aromas as lemony citrus and white pepper draw us in and present the fine light chocolate undertones. The inviting aroma journey continues with pale malt accompanied by rustic farmhouse notes, floral yeast esters, and white flowers. The cocoa impressions are slightly sweet up from in this version, but are followed quickly by earthy chili pepper creating a harmonious balance between sweetness and heat.

The first sip of Brasserie Fantôme Chocolat White Version reveals velvety textures intertwined with small amounts of tartness and acidity, hints of semi-sweet chocolate, and chili flavors that gradually build, and are bolstered by citrus peel, bready malt, and nuts. The rustic farmhouse notes come through here as well, carrying with them lots of dried fruit such as golden raisins and apricot. The flavor experience doesn’t stop there, as the bittering hops have a bit of grip on the palate and hold your attention through the finish. This beer is massively appealing from its medium bodied mouthfeel to a well-integrated and textured mousse, to the long fine finish showing off a bit of chili warmth. Truly delicious.

The Fantôme Chocolat White Version can be aged for a few more years to bring out more of the peppery notes, but drinking it now is very enjoyable. For food pairing we recommend lemon pepper chicken dishes, white chicken chili, and cocoa driven desserts.

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