BrewDog - Elvis Juice

BrewDog - Elvis Juice

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Grapefruit-Infused IPA


United States

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BrewDog - Elvis Juice

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  • Serving Temperature:

    45–50° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Tulip, Teku, Nonic or IPA Glass

BrewDog’s Elvis Juice maintains the exceptional drinkability of Punk IPA, while upping the ABV a bit and firmly bringing the focus around to grapefruit. We’d definitely encourage our Rare Beer Club members to check these IPAs out side by side. This one pours bright orange in color, deeper than Punk IPA and generally quite clear, glowing in the glass. The off-white foam shows good retention and leaves significant lacing behind along the sides of the glass.

The aromatics of Elvis Juice take up the grapefruit intensity of Punk IPA, and turn them all the way up. The candied orange and tropical inclinations are still present, but this grapefruit-infused IPA with natural citrus flavors is all about that grapefruit—pithy, freshly zested, all kinds of tree-fruit goodness. There ends up being no lack of bitterness, but the aroma feels nearly sweet, with all of that fruit packed in: grapefruit, but also mango, orange, etc. There’s also a toasty note present—like Fruity Pebbles—as another subtle pop of aromatic sugar.

Elvis Juice certainly follows through on the flavor. While this is packed with bright, almost-effervescent grapefruit character throughout, those Fruity Pebbles and candied-orange notes play out a bit more firmly in the actual flavor. This doesn’t feel as bitter overall as Punk IPA, though that beer was particularly streamlined at its 5.6% ABV, and the significance of sweet grapefruit seems to almost ease up all the underlying bitterness. For fans of grapefruit IPAs, this is especially worth digging into, and Elvis Juice stays refreshing and zesty throughout.

Like other IPAs here, this is best fresh. The grapefruit and underlying citrus have us looking to pair it beside grilled seafood, likely something on the fattier side. Alternately: carrot cake.

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