BrewDog - Hazy Jane

BrewDog - Hazy Jane

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New-England-Style IPA


United States

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BrewDog - Hazy Jane

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  • Serving Temperature:

    45–50° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Tulip, Teku, Nonic or IPA Glass

As a finale for this trio of BrewDog IPAs—we’ve got Hazy Jane. A New-England-style IPA of the decidedly hazy sort, this serves as a nice counterpoint to Punk IPA and Elvis Juice. It pours a glowing lemony-orange in the glass, super juicy in appearance, and capped by an off-white head with tiny bubbles and excellent retention. Resilient lacing. A bright, glowing orb.

There’s a ton of juicy, fresh hop aromatics from the very start. Bitter grapefruit, plus lemon verbena, fresh lemons, and sweet oranges throughout the aroma—as this is just packed with fruity hop character and the grassy, citrusy, herbaceous qualities of a hazy IPA that received a ton of late hop additions. Bright lime and passion fruit cap the aromatics. Super generous in the nose, and an excellent example of what hazy IPA brings to the table when done well.

Such a great beer to end on. BrewDog’s Hazy Jane knocks the New-England-style IPA out of the park as far as we’re concerned, avoiding the overripe-melon characteristics of a lot of lesser hazy IPAs, in favor of a more grapefruit-y and lemon-forward presentation that stays nicely bitter throughout. Hazy Jane is packed with fruit-forward hop flavor: sweet lemon, mango and lime notes head to even more tropical turf. It’s a bright, polished demonstration of what hops can do in the hands of a dialed-in brewery, and our glasses of Hazy Jane were gone in no time. Smooth, effortlessly drinkable, reminiscent of juice, just packed with fruit.

Enjoy as fresh as possible—probably (should you need to prioritize) ahead of the other two IPAs in this special offer. The lemony focus and effervescence has us thinking along similar lines as Elvis Juice for pairings, and we’d look to grilled seafood and summer-leaning salads.

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