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Brouwerij Kerkom - Reuss

Brouwerij Kerkom - Reuss

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Lambic Blend Sour Ale



Alcohol by Volume:


Brouwerij Kerkom - Reuss

  • ABV: 6.5%
  • Serving Temperature: 45–53° F
  • Suggested Glassware: Tulip, Tumbler, Flute, or Chardonnay Glass

This blend from Brouwerij Kerkom struck two of our favorite notes—and with force. In the aromatics, the blonde-ale aspect of the blend showed through the most, offering up notes of spice and other soft phenolics: a heady, toasty, yeasty Belgian pale ale, with the undercurrent of that spontaneously fermented lambic element beneath. Reuss, a deftly handled blend from brewer Marc Limet, is actually composed of about 80% blonde and 20% lambic. The second component is from a very well respected producer—but we’re not allowed to say which one!

(Yes, we do feel sneaky sometimes. We’d tell you if we could.)

Where the aroma is more blonde ale with a citrusy tart backdrop, the first taste shows lambic playing a huge role. There’s juicy, lemony acidity in abundance: the tang and subtle funk of a precise gueuze. This would make an absolutely mouthwatering aperitif, particular with some fresh fruit or creamy, funky cheeses as a counterpoint. (We’re often inclined to pair sour ales with Humboldt Fog, with its tangy creaminess and herbal notes.) Here: vibrant, prickly CO2, along with that firm acid, will easily cut through the fattiness of paired options. We’ve had so many magnificent, what-the-heck-just-happened-to-my-taste-buds lambics over the years, to the degree that we’re perhaps a bit overly picky. But this beer felt fresh and beautifully built.

There’s also a welcomed touch of herbal bitterness throughout, courtesy of two light add-ins of Belgian hops on the blonde-ale side. We dug that subtly bitter part of the structure: to the degree we’ll likely drink our bottles on the fresher side, while that blonde ale’s at its pinnacle.

But bottles should age smoothly, given the acid and sturdy construction. We absolutely love beers like this—to return to that earlier point—for serving as an aperitif to a good meal. The acidity of lambic is absolutely present, mouthwatering, and brilliantly tart. But that additional component from the blonde ale, which hearkens to Kerkom’s Bink Blond, tempered this to something so very drinkable. Do be inclined to bust out one’s lambic tumblers for this one.

Only about two pallets (around 100 cases) of Kerkom’s Reuss have been imported into the U.S. thus far. This is just hitting shelves, and to a very limited degree. We’re pleased to have gotten enough of the allotment to offer this stellar blend for our Rare Beer Club members.

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