Brouwerij Rodenbach - Rodenbach Red Tripel

Brouwerij Rodenbach - Rodenbach Red Tripel

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Belgian Tripel blended w/ Cask-Aged Flemish Red-Brown Ale



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Brouwerij Rodenbach - Rodenbach Red Tripel

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    50–57° F
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    Tulip, Goblet, or Chalice

To kick off this special offer of limited-edition big beers, we’re got an anniversary release from the esteemed Brouwerij Rodenbach. The brewery turns 200(!) this year, and since the master brewers at Rodenbach are regularly blending beers as part of their core releases, they decided to do a very special blend for their 200th anniversary beer. Combining two classic Belgian styles, Rodenbach Red Tripel blends a traditional Belgian tripel with a Flemish red-brown ale that’s been aged for two years inside of 4,000-gallon oak casks. We found the final result to be exceptional, providing classic Rodenbach sour-ale character, while accentuating the best elements of both of the underlying classic styles. Lots to appreciate about this beer.

Rodenbach Red Tripel pours a deep pink hue heading into burgundy, almost like berry juice, with an ultimately vinous look capped by off-white foam. Fruity, peppery aromatics lead, as core aspects of both the tripel and Flemish red-brown beer shine through, bringing loads of pepper and clove from the former and no lack of plush red fruits and berry-like tartness via the latter. We found lots of toasty oak, and the brewery’s notes of “apricot, caramel, pastry, and white Burgundy” for aromatics were particularly on point. Generous, engaging nose.

There’s a medium-full mouthfeel here emphasizing red fruits, berries, and a nice balance of subtle tartness and peppery phenolics. We found significant fruit leather, caramelization, and rounded oak-barrel character contributed by the Flemish red-brown. The Belgian-tripel part provides inviting honeyed maltiness, a crisp pop of mineral bitterness, and a nice mixture of peppery and clove yeast notes that work great with the vanilla and almond of the oak casks’ contribution. Very engaging, restrained sweetness throughout; this offers up a deft blend of two exceptional beers. A tasty, fascinating, super-unique anniversary beer from Rodenbach.

Rodenbach Red Tripel is sturdy enough for a modest bit of time in the cellar, but this one’s blended to be very drinkable upon release. The brewery suggests pairing this beer’s fruity, fresh characteristics with the sweet and salty components of bouillabaisse. This seems ideal for pairing alongside various rich winter stews, with fresh rustic bread and creamy cheeses.

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