Brouwerij Rodenbach - Vintage 2015

Brouwerij Rodenbach - Vintage 2015

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Flanders Red Ale aged in Oak Foeders



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Brouwerij Rodenbach - Vintage 2015

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    42–48° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Tulip, Chalice, Flute, or Pinot Glass

Kicking off our latest Rare Beer Club special offer is one of our favorite limited-release beers from the world-renowned Rodenbach. Their latest vintage offering is exquisite, and stands as a clear reminder of just how good their Grand Cru is. Each Vintage release is from a single foeder that has passed brewmaster Rudi Ghequire’s stringent selection process, aged at least two years in 4,000-gallon oak casks. Every example is unique, unblended, and labeled with the number of the specific foeder in which it was aged. Its vintage year indicates the start of its maturation.

This world-class example from West Flanders pours a deep reddish brown that’s pretty clear, but with an intensity of color that speaks of its barrel time. Tart cherries and fresh apple land as initial aromatics, leading a sweet-tart impact of generous fruitiness and underlying caramel. While there are certainly flavor parallels to Oloroso sherry, a vibrant carbonation and superb ripeness of fruit make this an absolute pleasure to drink. Rich, honeyed malts offer up notes approximating the juiciest of Sauternes and German Reisling options. Sweet-tart perfection.

While Rodenbach’s Vintage 2015 is very much on point at the moment, this should also age quite gracefully over the next few years at least. For pairings, the cherry and caramel notes at the core, plus its touch of sweetness, make it ideal alongside moderately spicy pork sausages, and possibly even roasted lamb. But we’re inclined to savor it beside various cheese options.

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