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Bruery Terreux - Rueuze (2016)

Bruery Terreux - Rueuze (2016)

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Sour Blonde Ale aged in Oak Barrels


United States

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Alcohol by Volume:


Bruery Terreux - Rueuze (2016)

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  • Serving Temperature:

    42–49° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Tulip, Teku, or Chardonnay glass

The Bruery Terreux’s 2016 Rueuze has become a beautifully aged sour blonde at this point: floral, fruity, with a modest degree of lingering funk. This release is particularly lambic-like, with bouncy fruitiness, complex acidity, and vibrant mouthfeel. Rueuze pours bright golden yellow, lightly honeyed, and capped by modest white foam. Vibrantly tart aromatics lead with lots of citrus: lemon, lime, and passionfruit, especially. Softly tropical with a touch of salinity.

This lands spritzy and lightly effervescent in the mouth, with moderate bubbles and a firm acidity from the start. Boldly expressed, complex tartness: lemon, lime, hints of sourdough, salt… There’s a very lightly toasty, almost Chardonnay-like sweetness at the core providing some balance here. This isn’t quite bone dry, with some of the perceived sweetness likely from the oak. A deliciously rounded, complex blonde ale, emphasizing citrus and toast.

Capable of further aging, but drinking in its prime. For pairings, that strong acidity has us inclined to mellow with a creamy chevre or some buttery seafood.

What The Bruery has done for beer in Orange County, California, while impressive, is just a part of their contribution to the greater brewing landscape. Once just a confusingly named, obscure little brewery from a curiously named little Southern California town, The Bruery is now known to the majority of beer geeks across the country and beyond. They’ve continued to develop their extensive barrel-aging program, launched the Bruery Terreux line, opened The Tasting Room at Bruery Terreux in Anaheim, and ultimately become one of the most respected breweries in the nation. They’ve even recently added a third Bruery location: The Bruery Store at Union Market in Washington, DC, establishing a wee East Coast outpost.

As a result of their unbridled creativity and skilled brewing practices, The Bruery’s beers are still some of the most highly coveted out there, period. It was back in 2009 that they released the beer that took the brewing community by storm: Black Tuesday, a massive imperial stout (clocking in around 20% ABV) aged in bourbon barrels for well beyond a year. Hugely oaky, rich, velvety smooth, and borderline nourishing, it caused both a stir and an annual tradition. The demand for this stout led people to drive and/or fly from hundreds (or even thousands) of miles away.

A handful of breweries have managed to take the “limited-release” concept as far as The Bruery has done with their beers, with annual vintages that sell out in a single day. Some folks have even gone one step further, creating the release equivalent of a serial novel, as The Bruery did with its recently completed 12 Days of Christmas series of annual beers.

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