De Proef Brouwerij - Lozen Boer

De Proef Brouwerij - Lozen Boer

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De Proef Brouwerij - Lozen Boer

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I wonder what George Bush Jr.'s favorite restaurant is? And if he has a favorite restaurant, whether they serve particularly good beer there?

This thought is prompted in my mind by the prime minister of Belgium, who seems to be very fond of a restaurant called Lozen Boer, in the town of Lochristi, in Flanders. Lozen boer means gentleman farmer, and the restauranteur is making a little joke that his family were gentlemen farmers. In fact, they were originally cattle rustlers, and he pays tribute to that profession by having some cattle being rustled on the label of this beer.

It's nice to think that a restaurant with such a distinction would have its own beer. It's nicer to think that it would have a beer as complex as this one, and as strong as this one.

It's a beer of 10% alcohol by volume.

It's made by the local brewery in Lochristi, the Proefbrouwerij, which means that it is a tasting brewery. It's a brewery that was set up by a couple of very well-educated brewers, to be a test brewery for other brewers, a pilot brewery developing beers for them. The Proefbrouwerij has a lot of beers made for other people, and not too many for themselves.

Ten percent, and very dark in color; a dark claret, burgundy color. Though there is no connection between color and alcohol content. Very flowery, very honey-ish aroma. Incredibly rich, prune-like, dark fruit flavors. Almost a woody, oaky finish. It reminds me of an Armagnac. If you are a brandy lover, you may have enjoyed Armagnac from time to time.

Honey comes through in the flavor, as well. It's got that sort of earthy, sweet, luxury to it. Lots of references here because it is a very complex product, the sort of product that I could keep working on for a long time before I totally deconstruct it.

And yet why would I want to deconstruct it, it's so good to be constructed? Tell you what I'll do, instead of analyzing it and talking about it, I think I'll drink it.

Excuse me, but I think I'll take the rest of the day off. Prosit

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