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Garden Path Fermentation - The Dry Hopped Streams Well

Garden Path Fermentation - The Dry Hopped Streams Well

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Dry-Hopped Skagitonian Ale conditioned w/ Honey


United States

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Garden Path Fermentation - The Dry Hopped Streams Well

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  • Serving Temperature:

    42–49° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Nonic, Tulip, or Teku Glass

If you enjoyed Garden Path’s recently featured The Garden Paths Led to Flowered, this one should be very much in your wheelhouse as well. Inspired by hoppy Belgian beers like De la Senne’s Taras Boulba, The Dry Hopped Streams Well is led by flavor and aromatic hops in tandem with the brewery’s native Skagit Valley house yeast culture. Per usual, this one’s been fermented in an oak foudre and gets bottle-conditioned with Skagit Valley honey from The Valley’s Buzz. This blend of three different beers actually comprises various oak-foudre and solera-puncheon-aged components, along with a wide range of hop additions: PNW Mount Hood, Perle, Willamette, Simcoe, and Loral, plus dry-hop additions of Sterling and Cascade.

This is a pretty hop-forward brew, combining the charismatic house culture of Garden Path with an herbal, grassy, lemony edge throughout. A well-structured oak-tinged core provides much of the baseline profile, plus pepper, almonds, and soft vanilla underpinning. Like all these Garden Path beers, a central focus is its mélange of nuanced saison-like yeast contributions and deftly executed barrel aging, but those various hop components bring this one to an entirely different space. That initial grassiness and hint of lemony acidity set the stage for a hugely drinkable, subtly tart beer with expressive hops.

The Dry Hopped Streams Well is a solid example of where Garden Path’s beers are likely to head with a bit of time in the bottle, as the Skagit Valley house culture, etc. have built up a touch of juicy lemony acidity at this point. In general, Garden Path’s beers should age pretty gracefully for their respective ABVs, though keep in mind the hop impacts will drop off over time. For pairings, that touch of lemony acidity plus hop bitterness suggests this should play very nicely beside herbaceous goat cheese or white pizza. We’re also thinking lamb kebabs.

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