Goose Island Beer Co. - Matilda

Goose Island Beer Co. - Matilda

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Belgian-style Strong Pale Ale


United States

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Goose Island Beer Co. - Matilda

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Matilda is a very limited release Belgian-style strong pale ale from Goose Island in Chicago, bottled in 750 ml. for the first time for the club. Like a crisp, citrus-y tripel with added hops, it has a complex balance of maltiness and hoppiness, and finishes dry. A gold medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival in 2005, Michael Jackson once said of this beer

"Were there a Best in Show award, I would have been tempted to pin it on Matilda's chest".

Made with rare yeast that suggests a fruity and spicy flavor. There is a complex maltiness that is balance with a profuse amount of hops.

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