Jessup Farm Barrel House - Wood Knot

Jessup Farm Barrel House - Wood Knot

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Old Elk Bourbon Barrel Aged Stout


United States

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Jessup Farm Barrel House - Wood Knot

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    45–52° F
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    Short Stemmed Globe Snifter, Glencairn, Birrateque Stout Glass

Jessup Farm Barrel House Wood Knot is produced in small batches of only around 100 cases per year, and sold only in Colorado. It’s comprised of a robust grain bill containing Munich 10 from local maltster Root Shoot Malting, light and dark chocolate wheat and roasted barley from Troubadour Malting, another local maltster, and is rounded out with Pilsner malt, flaked oats, and English and German crystal malts. The hops used are Experimental Hop HBC 472 which are known to support oak, vanilla, and coconut flavors. This plays right into the Old Elk Bourbon barrels this beer was aged in for six months in a 50/50 blend of 1st and 2nd use barrels. Old Elk is also local to Jessup Farm Barrel House with a tasting room in Fort Collins, CO, just up the road from the brewery. Find out more at

Wood Knot Bourbon Barrel-Aged Stout pours opaque black with a thick and creamy tan head. The head is retained for quite a while allowing you to enjoy the beers appearance in the glass. As we lean in to the top of the glass we are greeted by the beer’s signature aroma and flavor profile: chocolate malt. It is very inviting and supported by rich layers of toffee, caramel, and coffee, with deep roasty notes you expect in a well made stout. These aromas are supported by notes of dark brown sugar, lightly toasted marshmallow, and a hint of barrel char. There’s a tempered boubon-spirit character that allows the barrel-derived vanilla to shine through along with expressive toasty oak aromas. And it gets better as it warms slightly releasing more esters resembling black currant fruit and leather.

Upon or first sip we are greeted by the flavors that confirm all aromas, but heighten the experience by adding nuances reminiscent of baking spices, and a deep bitterness that grips the flavors to our palates. The dark chocolate flavors are present from first sip to last, while the toffee and caramel take on a richer, more prominent role than in the aroma. The coffee notes are darker and richer as well, along with a bruleed brown sugar kick that leads to well rounded bourbon flavors. The barrel and the boubon that was aged in it play a key role in the mouthfeel and overall presence of the beer on the palate. From rich vanilla, to hints of toasted coconut, with fine layers of char and warm toasty oak, the flavors stretch to each nook and cranny of the palate. The effect is a full bodied beer exhibiting a smooth and creamy finely bubbled mousse with an extended warm finish. At 8.5% abv, the Jessup Farm Barrel House Wood Knot doesn’t completely saturate your palate with boozy notes, but allows you to reflect on each flavor. We thoroughly enjoyed this beer and hope you do as well. Cheers!

Jessup Farm Barrel House Wood Knot has potential for aging between 3-5 years, perhaps longer if the conditions are right, or if you have the patience.

This beer pairs very well with a wide variety of triple-cream and smoked cheeses, charcuterie, roasted veggies, grilled and barbecue meat dishes, like Colorado-grown lamb and bison, or try it with their famous “Mountain Pie” pizza. For dessert, try a flourless chocolate cake topped with vanilla bean ice cream and Wood Knot and chocolate reduction sauce.

Jessup Farm Barrel House is a unique and creative brewery that values experimentation and flavor exploration. With a focus on blending beers with different fermentation methods, they strive to bring out the complexities and nuances of their brews. The brewery is situated on a 13-acre property known as the Jessup Farm Artisan Village, adjacent to the Bucking Horse development in Fort Collins, Colorado. The Barrel House was founded in 2015 as a partnership among Funkwerks founders Brad Lincoln and Gordon Schuck, Jessup Farm’s Gino Campana & family, and head brewer Jeff Albarella. It is located in a 140-year old restored barn, which is approximately 3,000 square feet, and they’ve preserved the original building as much as possible, providing a rustic ambiance. The first floor of the barn is dedicated to fermenting, blending, and barrel storage, while the second floor features a large wrap-around bar and communal tables.

Jessup Farm Barrel House head brewer and co-owner Jeff Albarella’s journey towards becoming a professional brewer started with a BS in Biology from Purdue University. He then spent over four years in the consumer product industry where he gained experience in research and development, product support, and quality assurance and control. Jeff then spent five years as a production manager in a Biotech startup company. It was during this time that he developed an interest in culinary arts and an increasing passion for beer.

Jeff’s passion for beer led him to enroll in the Siebel Institute’s World Brewing Academy International Diploma in Brewing Technology program in 2009, and it’s here that he met Brad and Gordon who would go on to found Funkwerks before joining Jeff in their new venture at Jessup Farm. After graduating, Jeff started working as an assistant brewer at Carver Brewing Company in Durango, Colorado. He eventually took over as head brewer in 2012, and in 2013, he earned a Gold Medal for his European-Style Dunkel Lager at the Great American Beer Festival.

With over ten years of professional brewing experience, Jeff has a deep love and understanding of the craft. His background in science and quality control, combined with his passion for culinary arts and beer, has made him a successful and award winning brewer, and we’re proud to offer his beer in the Rare Beer Club.

There is a 16-tap selection on offer in the Jessup Farm Barrel House tap room, with a wide variety of beers patrons can enjoy in pints, flights, crowlers, and growlers. Barrel-aged beers are also available in 750ml bottles, while a smaller selection of non-barrel-aged beers are available in 12 oz bottles and 16 oz cans. The bottle list is available on their website where you can also find great information about operating hours, their shop, and tap list.

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