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Jester King Brewery - Das Wunderkind!

Jester King Brewery - Das Wunderkind!

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Blended Saison (partially aged in oak barrels)


United States

Alcohol by Volume:


Jester King Brewery - Das Wunderkind!

  • ABV:

  • Serving Temperature:

    44–50° F
  • Suggested Glassware:

    Tulip, Tumbler, Nonic or Chardonnay Glass
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There are many among us who, in spite of their best efforts, just never quite seem to fit in. It’s only a rare few, however, who, very early in life, develop the self-assurance and presence of mind to be neither conformists nor rebels, instead carving their own paths and following their own dreams, regardless of what anyone else might happen to think. Take flight, mein Wunderkind; don’t ever let gravity hold you back!

Using the old-world method of bière de coupage, young, dry-hopped mixed culture beer is blended with mature beer aged in oak barrels. The blend is then allowed time to develop unique flavors and aromas that only fermentation with native yeast and bacteria can achieve. Unfiltered, unpasteurized, and 100% bottle-conditioned.–Jester King Das Wunderkind! label notes

This is definitely one we could drink by the bucket. Jester King’s 4.5% blended saison could very well be the highlight of this four-beer tour of the Austin-based brewery. Le Petit Prince and the 2015 Autumnal Dichotomous both show off that peppery, super-lean side of Jester King’s core profile. Das Wunderkind! builds off of that base with a vibrant, citrusy tartness.

The hops in Das Wunderkind!: Fuggles, Czech Saaz, Cascade, Falconer’s Flight and Zythos.

Our bottles of this one offered up a juicy and refreshing grapefruit-forward approach, with a fair bit of welcome acidity. There’s bright tartness here, pleasant funk, along with some limes and oaky vanilla. The perimeter of Das Wunderkind! almost feels fresh-squeezed, while deep currents of toasty, peppery saison notes keep this feeling entirely streamlined and refreshing. It’s incredibly complex blended saison—but with an overall character that’s tart and vibrant.

This is bottle-conditioned and has already seen some aging (with no overt oxidation as of six months out), though keep in mind the light ABV. In pairings, work with that citrusy acidity.

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